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Acronym Questions and Answers (Q&A)

There are some words that have formed part of our vocabularies today. Those words do not really have meaning but they are being used by people. An example is Whatsapp, many people still think WhatsApp is a word which can be found in dictionary or probably a word that means something.

WhatsApp is the name of a messaging app. It is owned by the founder of facebook. It shares features with facebook but facebook has more content than Whatsapp. Whatsapp is indeed one of the most reigning messaging apps known. For me, I prefer using whatsapp to chat than any other app, this is because it is easy to use, there are a lot of features that would make chatting very easy and interesting to you.

And we should be grateful to say whatsapp has really helped in getting in touch with our friends and loved ones without spending so much on calls.

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There are many common symbols we use today when surfing the internet. Many a time, we just use them without having any knowledge of how they come about. An example is @, this symbol is pronounced as 'At'. And it is widely used especially on the internet and social media. The @ symbol is used on internet to specify the address a particular thing belongs.

For those who have Gmail address, you will see the @ symbol very close to Gmail, it means your name is registered in the Gmail site. Many use it when chatting with their friends on Facebook, WhatsApp or any other messaging app.

There is this uniqueness it gives to your writing when you are sending messages to your friends. People prefer using the symbol @ to the real word which is 'At'. For example, I may decide to type this as a response to a question; 'I'm not going to be @ work by noon'.

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There are so many full forms for the acronym BOSS. But I will talk about the common one. BOSS is the acronym for Bureau Of Special services. BOSS is a special agency of the United States saddled with the responsibility to ensure public safety and national security of all citizens and property of the United States of America. The Bureau of Special Services is comprised of 6 operational Branches, i.e Operational Support Branch, Investigative And Response Branch etc and 21 Divisions. The United States Public Safety Commission created the Bureau Of Special Services in 1978. The Bureau Of Special Services is so empowered that it has a kind of authority over other security agencies.

The federal agency has really improved in terms of duties discharge and is the second largest law enforcement agency in the United States of America. BOSS currently has thousands of workers across the country and they are estimated to be more than 42,000.

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The word focus does not have any other full form unless you want to make it have another meaning by making each letter that formed the word focus to stand for something else entirely. Focus means to concentrate one's attention at achieving a desired goal. The word focus also have other meanings but the most important one of them to me is the one that talks about concentration.

There is nothing you are willing to know or to get that will not require your concentration, if you don't give it your attention, it means you are not ready for it. One of the most important factors that aids success is to be focus on your goals. Most businessmen understand this word better than anybody. At times what you set for is not what you will get, at that point the only thing that can keep you going is to remain focus.

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One of the commonly used acronyms especially in the business world is CEO. The acronym stands for Chief Executive Officer. This is an official title for someone who is heading a particular organization or company. The CEO of a company has full control over the company and is saddled with the responsibility to control and oversee the direction, initiatives and programs that will drive the company unto a path of success.

Whether a company will move forward or not depends on the type of Chief Executive Officer overseeing the company. The CEO of a company is the company's chief decision-maker. The roles of the CEO is quite different from the roles of general manager of a company. The work of the general manager of a company is to oversee every department in the company and report back to the CEO for confirmation of any decision or step that must be taken.

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EOE is the acronym which stands for Equal Opportunity Employer. The phrase is often used to describe an employer of labor who does not discriminate against any job applicant or employee because of color, race, national origin, religion, nationality or age. This means the employer is ready to treat those who are working under him fairly without mounting so much pressure on some employees while others are being treated specially.

An equal opportunity employer will distribute tasks and Whatever opportunity that is meant for every employee evenly based on what they are employed to do. Not all employers can be described as Equal opportunity employers, we have some employers that discriminate against their employees especially when they are on the same page about some issues and believes. Many employers discriminate against their employees because they are not from the same country or because they are not practicing the same religion.

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