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Acronym Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Et cetera is the full form of ETC. Et cetera is a Latin word which 'means and so on' and 'and other things'. We generally use Etc at the end of a sentence especially when we are making example of some things, the moment we include etc, it means you are referring to other examples that are related to what you are discussing.

For example, the following are the examples of stationery; book, pen, pencil, eraser etc, the etc you included means other examples of stationery materials you can think of. It is being used most times to shorten the continuity of a sentence especially when you are listing items.

The word 'Et cetera' has been adopted from Latin to English and it's short form is etc. Also, etc is used when you have more similar items in series or list and you don’t want to mention everything, then you can use the word ETC.

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Jio has no full form; it is its complete word. Everyone in India is buying Jio Sim, which is a website phone service. It provides cheap Internet plan for its users, and it is very famous in India. Provides and to and digital solutions for businesses, institutions, and household. Jio also bridges the urban/rural divide.

It is part of the whole digital revolution in India. Jio has a cutting-edge voice and broadband network, and it also offers a revolutionary greenfield opportunity. The focus of Jio is affordable smartphones and the availability of content and applications. Jio can provide telecom, high-speed data, digital commerce, media, and payment services. Also, Jio is reputable and reliable.

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Have you ever come across or heard people talking about the acronym PCMB and the acronym still does not make any sense to you. Well, the acronym stands for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology. You can see its very simple. However, there are other meanings which can be given to PCMB. For example, the acronym also means 'Plant Cellular and Molecular Biology' but I'm going to discuss the first meaning.

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology are core science subjects. They are like prerequisites subjects which must be well understood before you can start pursuing any career in science related courses or discipline. These subjects are somewhat interrelated in some ways i.e there are some topics you would be taught in Chemistry and you will still meet them in Physics.

PCMB are really good subjects but can be only understood if you are intelligent and hardworking because there are tons of questions you will be required to solve.

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The acronym i.e is the abbreviation for ''id est''. Id est is a Latin word which means 'That is' in English. The acronym is probably one of the shortest I have seen in English language. If you have not used this before, you should use it after reading this.

The acronym is used to expatiate or to give more information about something that's being discussed. The acronym is so much useful when writing articles, letter and the likes. When you are trying to pass an information to someone but you still want the person to get more details about what you are saying, then you use 'i.e' which means 'that is'.

For example, I may decide to use i.e in this way. Hello everybody, John has been nominated for the program i.e he would be the one to represent our school. By this example, I have adequately given more information about what John is going to do at the program.

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There is no big difference between HTTP and HTTPS, in that both are actually providing the same function but one is more secured than the other. HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Hypertext Transfer Protocol is what enables the connection between web browser and the server through the exchange of data.

That's why when you click on a link on your web browser, it triggers a connection with the server and present a result on your screen. HTTP is not secured and it's content can be intercepted and altered. I can say the deficiency with HTTP is what brought about HTPPS. HTTPS means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

It does the same work as HTTP but provide a more secured protocol for the data exchange between the web browser and the server. We can store our personal details like username, password and others on internet because HTTPS will provide an encrypted connection which can not be intercepted and altered.

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If you are a constant social media user, chances are you would have come in contact with a lot of internet slang or phrase, which by luck, you were able to interpret some and some seemed unclear to you. One of those phrases is Horn OK Please. The phrase is something very common in India. The phrase is often seen on Trucks, Lorries, Bus and articulated vehicles.

The phrase is usually written at the back of a vehicle very boldly. It is not for decoration but it is aimed at informing the driver of a vehicle coming from behind to try to horn so that he would be aware someone is planning to overtake his vehicle.

The main idea about this phrase on vehicles is to reduce accidents that are usually a result of reckless driving on the road. But we all know how people can be playful with some things, the phrase is no longer being used in India because it was turning into noise pollution.

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LAN is the acronym for Local Area Network. As the name implies, it is a type of network that can only serve small devices and it is mostly used in a building or office to share or transfer Information between small devices. Another form of network is WAN which means Wide Area Network. As the name implies, its services is not just limited to a place.

Big companies in the world use WAN to share and transfer information to their branches in other places. It is a way better than Local Area Network. For example, Banks use this type of network to send or share information with their branches in different places in a country. MAN is the acronym for Metropolitan Area Network. MAN is bigger than LAN in terms of it's functions. This type of network is used to connect computer users in different places, countries of the world.

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Paytm is the abbreviation for Pay Through Mobile. It is an e-commerce company in India. The company was founded in 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma. The goal of the company is to ensure and improve mobile payment system in India. The world is changing at a very faster rate, meaning most things are now being done in a faster rate.

With Paytm you don't need to go to bank before you can do some transactions. Most of the transactions can be easily done through your mobile phones. The company already has about 90 million registered users with about 50 million monthly transactions. Smart digital payment method is also available when using Paytm.

There are about 13,000 direct employed workers in Paytm. Paytm is a great company which has helped Indians conquered the untold problems people face when doing transactions in bank.

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There might be other meanings to the acronym RIP, but the most common one I know is what I'm going to talk about. RIP is the abbreviation for Rest In Peace, is from the Latin word, “Requiescat in pace”. RIP is like a blessing offered to a dead person.

The idea of putting the phrase Rest In Peace on graves started among Christians in the time past especially among Catholics. They believed offering such a prayer to the dead might help the dead person find favor in the eyes of God, so that the person would enjoy an eternal rest in heaven.

The practice has really grown up to be something very common among people irregardless of their religions. People say it to their loved ones who had departed from this world because they believe prayer is the only thing a person needs after death.

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PayPal is a helpful financial tool that permits you to conduct transactions online without entering your business details into every website that you use. You link your credit card and or your bank account into PayPal, and then add to, or withdraw from, a safe and private money pool.

You can transfer funds from your bank account into your PayPal account, and then the funds are accessible to you at any time or you can, with the storage of your credit card or your bank information can call for the funds at point-of-sale. You do have another option, which is PayPal credit where you have a line of credit with PayPal, utilize the funds available, and then pay the account monthly.

Shop at retailers who accept PayPal or send money to other users. You do not have to involve your credit card or bank in the account specifics at all in the transaction. So many websites accept PayPal as payment, and it is easy to use. You can even use it to shop on sites like eBay. And the best part is that it is hassle-free.

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