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Declaring option D as "wrong" is wrong. Either simply do it before generating questions/options. Or see any dosumentation of SAP, for example: (just the first statement in the very first sentence).

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I have other soluton key.

Instead "Edit the handler method in the view controller" my solution is "Add a client-side event in the view"

I'm confused, can you give my a correct answer?

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ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. The ABAP is a high level programming language that was created in Germany. Within the parameters of the ABAP user fields refer to fields in which the user can select data from a table to fill in the specified fields. We see user fields in everyday life on things such as job applications, credit card applications, review forms for products and many other things.

On the side of programming making user fields involves linking these tables to certain fields so that the user can choose how to fill in these fields based on their choices.

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There are two answers that are correct. The first one is A. This stands for SAP Business Information Warehouse. (SAP BW) The other answer is SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SAP SEM). SAP BW is a data warehousing tool. This can store all of the information that you need so that it will be available for everyone when the data needs to be retrieved.

The SAP SEM, on the other hand, is another software wherein data can be freely interchanged. The SAP SEM provides specific decision support tools to help in the management issues that are available. This can be used to compute the cost of management and so much more.

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For input fields on screens if the input fields have been copied from the dication into the screen painter. "Dication" = Dictionary, right?

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Why my answer is wrong in spite of giving same values? clear free refresh ?

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The three correct answers to this question are A, B, and E. The CREATE PROTECTED addition can be added to a class definition, and can be done from a friend class (A), from a child class (B), and from the class itself (E). Instantiation is defined as the creation of an instance, or allocating memory for a new object of that type, and is used in class-based programming.

A class can only be instantiated from the subclasses or by the methods of the class itself. In instantiation, objects are created from classes by subroutines called constructors, and destroyed by destructors.

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But Does At Line-selection "generates a list" ??. We use this event after list is already created.

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You can call methods in ABAP objects in the same way as function modules. Why not ??

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