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6th Grade Questions and Answers (Q&A)

It takes 365 days to travel around the sun and 24 hours to rotate on it's axis so the answer is 365 day☀️

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The correct answer to this question is A, Comet. They are small, icy solar system bodies. This is until the pass close to the Sun and warms up. When this occurs, the outgassing process starts, which is the comet releasing gas. Comets contain a nucleus, which is the body, as well as water, other ices, and nitrogen.

Perihelion is the point in the comet that gets closest to the Sun. The aphelion is the furthest away. If a comet orbits the Sun too many times, it will break apart. Most comets are formed in the solar system regions Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belts.

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Order of Operations = GEMDAS (Groupings, Exponents, Multiplication or Division, Addition, or Subtraction) You do 35 and get 8 then you do 5+8 which equals 13 then you do 13-7 which equals 6.

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The answer is 85.3

To find the mean, also known as the average of a set of numbers, you add all the numbers up in the sequence. Then you divide the sum of the numbers by how many numbers there are in the sequence. In this case, the numbers added together equal 853. 853 divided by 10, the amount of numbers in the sequence, is 85.3.



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Option B - topographical map is correct.
Topographical map is a type of map that uses contour lines to represent natural features and man made features of the earth's surface such as landforms, bodies of water and land elevations.

A world map is a type of map that shows all or most of the surface of the earth. It is a representation of the earth on a flat surface.

A political map is use to show governmental boundaries of countries, states, counties, location of major cities and they also include significant bodies of water.

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Username is a name you choose for youselfd thats not real.

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The closest planet to the sun is (D) mercury. An easy way to remember the order of the planets, starting closest to the sun and moving outward through the solar system is to use a memory tool called a mnemonic. A mnemonic is usually a phrase with a pattern of letters or numbers and sometimes that includes poems.

The mnemonic for the planets is MVEMJSUNP which stands for My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas or Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Although some have changed the N to nachos since Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

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What does it mean by Homer? The simpsons or what plz help and plz answer thank you other users thank you very much if you help me thx.

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Heat is the answer thanks

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It also called as terrestrial planet because of their proximity to earth.

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