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Near or closest in the sun thatswhy its hot in mercury

5 Answers

How is becasue they ntold you in the story

2 Answers

A rainbow is a natural wonder that takes place from certain features occurring. In order to have a rainbow occur, there must be a spectrum of light in the sky. This comes from a reflection taking...

2 Answers

I thought it is reflection

because the distance from top of the wave it reflection

but plesase tell me why it is amplitude

so that i can understan i want to be good an...

2 Answers

In different parts of the world, the seasons are different. People all over the world experience different types of weather even though they may be in the same season. For instance, people in...

2 Answers

The time of the year when you will be able to see the most rainbows is in the rainy season, particularly in the warmest rainy season. You may not see as many rainbows in the winter since rainbows...

2 Answers

Slowlest is not a word...slowest is..."prof"🙄

2 Answers

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