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4th Grade Science Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Near or closest in the sun thatswhy its hot in mercury

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The correct answer is option A Evaporation is the term that explains the change of a substance from the liquid state to the gaseous state. It is a vaporization process occurs on the surface of liquids. It occurs when atoms or molecules of a liquid escape from the surface of the liquid to become vapor.

Condensation (option B) on the other hand, is the process whereby water vapor becomes liquid. It is a direct opposite of evaporation. Sublimation (option C) is the process by which a substance is converted from solid directly into the gaseous state without passing through the liquid state. Filtration (option D) is the process of separating substances.

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How is becasue they ntold you in the story

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A rainbow is a natural wonder that takes place from certain features occurring. In order to have a rainbow occur, there must be a spectrum of light in the sky. This comes from a reflection taking place. A reflection is when the waves of light are mirrored. Refraction must also occur and it the light waves must turn to a different direction. This may take place with the reflection.

The last thing that must occur is dispersion which is the light creates a spectrum of different colors. However, a rainbow can be seen at night due to the moon. The light from the moon can cause the reflection, refraction and dispersion, but a rainbow caused by the moon’s light may not be colorful.

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I thought it is reflection

because the distance from top of the wave it reflection

but plesase tell me why it is amplitude

so that i can understan i want to be good an science and i love it

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In different parts of the world, the seasons are different. People all over the world experience different types of weather even though they may be in the same season. For instance, people in China may be having different types of weather like cool weather, but during spring in the United States it may be warmer.

There also may be rain in the United Sates during spring, but tornadoes and heavy wind in another part of the world during spring. Often times, a rainbow is produced in the sky after a rainstorm.

The sun must be shining which doesn’t happen often after a rainstorm, but sometimes it does. During the monsoon season, there is a lot of rain and unusual weather. Therefore, a rainbow would most often be seen during this season.

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Slowlest is not a word...slowest is..."prof"🙄

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