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2nd Grade Questions and Answers (Q&A)

There are actually 13 stripes on the American Flag because they represent the 13 colonies. :)Image result for how many stripes are on the american flag

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Well Pluto is sometimes a planet but right now the answer would be Pluto because all of the other ones are planets.

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What "other way" is there to answer the question? In STANDARD mathmatics, 23 + 45 = 68. Period. No question.

The Ones, 3+5=8

the Tens,20+40=60,

therefore, 60+8=68.





Total the ones column, 8, no carry-over as its under ten. Total the Tens column, 6. Again, 68. Hasn't changed. Doesn't take rocket science to figure it out...

And, no. I am not a teacher: as I've become older, I find number games to generally be relaxing while stimulating the brain.

And this question is a no brainer.

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(B) Phases

The term used to define changing shapes of the moon is called "Phases".

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The flag has 50 stars on it and have a

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The sun gives light and the moon reflects the same light to earth

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The anewser is c 50 stars are on the flag

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From Universe Today website:

During a synodic period, the Moon will go through changes in its appearance, which are known as “phases“.

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The answer is 30your welcome.

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