Customer Service

ProProfs Chat is a simple live support chat tool that helps you improve customer support services by resolving customer queries faster. Simply use pre-chat forms to gain better customer insights. Easily handle multiple chat windows to reduce customer wait time. Use co-browsing feature to interact with your customers and guide them from onboarding to check out.


Convert your customer queries into sales opportunities with ProProfs Chat. This live chat solution helps you track and guide site visitors and boost sales conversions. Integrate live chat on your website to keep your customers engaged and help them make a buying decision faster. Reports help you get delightful user insights that help you speed up your sales process.


ProProfs Chat helps you capture leads with the use of pre-chat forms. Live chat for e-commerce offers proactive pop-ups that keep your site visitors engaged and guide them through their buying process, from product selection to check out. Easily monitor your website visitors in real-time and provide them instant answers through canned responses.


Simply provide real-time information to your students on the website by using live chat for education. Easily reach out to more students with multiple chat windows and keep them engaged using proactive pop-ups. 100+ settings enable you to monitor website visitors, track operator performance, customize languages and more.

Tour and Travel

Simply convert your travel inquiries into high potential leads. With live chat software, display attractive travel offers with proactive popups and guide visitors to select the right travel package. Your support agents can share information like destination photos and maps to keep the visitors engaged. With canned responses, resolve customer queries faster.

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