Microsoft Dynamics 365
ProProfs Chat

You can do so much with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM by integrating ProProfs Chat seamlessly with it. Let the magic of ProProfs flow with your favourite app.


Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration with ProProfs Chat to establish a centralized customer management system. Directly post chat transcripts to your CRM, access CRM contacts from your ProProfs Chat in real time and much more.


  • Gather leads via live chat and expand your CRM marketing lists.
  • Use chat transcripts as feedback and develop your business accordingly.
  • Send chat transcripts as CRM tickets with one click.
  • Add additional notes to chat transcripts to point out key notes to other teams.
  • Use real-time feedback to analyze your sales progress.

Key features:

  • Access, edit or add your CRM contacts directly from live chat in real-time.
  • Use pre chat form to capture leads.
  • Post chat transcripts to your CRM while chatting with visitors.
  • Add extra notes about your customer’s preferences to CRM using real-time visitor monitoring.
  • Attach chat transcripts to tickets for a better analysis.
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