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You can do so much with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM by integrating ProProfs Chat seamlessly with it. Let the magic of ProProfs flow with your favorite app.

About Live Chat MS Dynamics Integration

From customer details to transcripts, Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with live chat can help you store them on a centralized platform. With this integration, ProProfs Chat users can track a sales opportunity, get the necessary data to understand the website visitors, and provide a delightful customer experience.

    Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration With Live Chat

  • Know Your Customers Better

  • With the MS Dynamics integration, record customer details created when chatting with prospects live. The approach will help customer support operators avoid the repetitive task of storing chat details separately. Once the chat is over, your operators can assess the conversation by going back to their MS Dynamics dashboard where chat transcript and other prospect details will be available effortlessly. Support operators can also see whether the same visitor has made a query through chat previously or not.

  • Work Towards Delightful Customer Experience

  • Excellent customer experience is a key driver of success for any business. Delighting customers is more than simply meeting their needs at that moment. It's about building meaningful relationships that stand the test of time. And this is only possible when you understand your customers better. Microsoft CRM integration with Live Chat collects data on your prospects that can later be used during other chats to improve and provide a delightful customer experience.

  • Quality Leads is All You Get to See in Sales Pipeline

  • Visitors to your website are sales opportunities. Engaging them while they are present at your site is essential to close more deals. Once ProProfs Chat is integrated, your support operators will find it easier to communicate with website visitors and build strong relationships effectively.

    Features of Microsoft CRM Chat Integration

  • Fetch Customers’ Data

  • With ProProfs Live Chat MS Dynamics integration, it is easy to acquire the relevant data about your customers and store it right away in MS Dynamics account. For this, your support operators do not have to leave their Chat app, thereby making their workflow smooth.

  • View Customer Details During a Live Chat

  • Engaging customers with your brand is made simple with ProProfs Chat for MS Dynamics. Not only can your company gather data but also use it during a live chat session. Understanding their needs and the mention of the previous conversation will make your customers feel valued, ending their experience at a delightful note.

  • MS Dynamics CRM on Premise

  • ProProfs Chat supports both on-premise and the cloud version of MS Dynamics CRM. Your support operators can provide effective solutions to all customer queries as the integration is supported both on cloud base and on-premise. While the on-premise integration requires setup at one’s infrastructure, the other doesn’t and will be available on Microsoft's Cloud.

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