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Resolve customer issues instantly with live chat

Use canned responses & co-browsing to provide personalized support
Customer service solution

Use ProProfs Chat as your customer service tool to answer customer questions efficiently. Any kind of wait time for your customers can lead to loss of business.

Putting customers on IVR can also result in the decline of rapport because the wait time increases.

One call support executive can only handle one customer at a time but using live chat can help in tackling such situations.

  • Respond faster with canned responses.
  • Handle multiple chats to avoid any wait time.
  • Help customers find what they need with co-browsing and push URLs.

Break boundaries of devices & platforms

Empower customers to reach out on their mobiles & tablets
Customer service solution

Reaching out to customers is an important aspect of customer support operations. It doesn’t matter if you have the biggest customer support, especially when you are not up to date with modern technology and communication fields.

Customers look for simplest methods to resolve their queries and even if they don’t, providing them with such simple methods can result in a good reputation.

ProProfs Chat is the bridge that can provide customers with multiple options to reach out to your support.

  • Offer customer support on mobile devices.
  • Monitor operators and operations from anywhere on any device.
  • Get visitor locations and save transcripts from any device.

Engage website visitors who are seeking your help

Monitor behavior to proactively engage customers on live chat
Online customer service software

Online customer service’s real-time visitor monitoring is a boon of technology, which allows you to monitor each and every activity on your website.

From knowing the location of visitors to key details such as operating system and browser can also be tracked in real-time.

This way you can reduce the bounce rate of your website and offer great assistance with the customer service solution.

  • Monitor visitor activities in real-time.
  • Send relevant pop-ups to push visitors in sales funnel.
  • Know customer queries beforehand to provide exceptional support.
  • Block visitors from untrusted source and keep your website safe.

Lower support expenses & increase efficiency

Reduce support calls & emails by resolving issues on live chat
Lower support expenses & increase efficiency

A business needs to earn more profit and reduce expenses in order to generate higher revenue. Call support requires large staff as one operator can only handle one call at a time. Also, the cost of incoming & outgoing calls in assisting customers can also add up to a lot by the end of a financial year. Not only that, guiding customers through your website on a call can be frustrating for the clients. But using ProProfs Chat you can resolve such queries and save more.

  • Offer multiple chats to avoid calls.
  • Provide refunds and resolve doubts on product availability onsite.
  • Transfer chats to different departments with no wait time.

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