You Asked for Gantt Charts

You Asked for Gantt Charts

This year ProProfs Project will be 5 years old. During those 5 years we’ve had countless requests for Gantt charts. Today we bring them to you…

It’s an exciting time for ProProfs Project. We released a new version late last year and are excited about migrating everyone over to this new version in a few months. We’ve been constantly updating, tweaking and improving the product, and the most recent addition to the Reporting tools is the ability to create Gantt chart reports, which we are calling ‘Timelines’.

Show your project plan in detail

With the Project and Task Timeline reports you can show your clients or department bosses an overview of the milestones for projects, tasks and sub-tasks. Sometimes the calendar view isn’t clear enough, so that’s why we agreed that having a timeline view of your milestones would be a good addition.

  1. First make sure your tasks have milestones set up (start dates and due dates).
  2. Click on the Reports menu button
  3. Click on Add Report, and select “Task Timeline” for a specific project or “Project Timeline” for all projects.
  4. View the report, print it, or share the URL with your client.

Customize Your Reports

You can customize the reports and make them look pretty by setting colors for the tasks and sub-tasks, do this from the edit task page, or just clicking the grey bar to the left hand side while on the Tasks page and selecting a color.

You can also set the order of the report by dragging and dropping the tasks whilst still on the Tasks page. If you want the report to have a different order (e.g. by due date, or alphabetically) you can click Edit Report and set these options.

Other options you can set from the report which could be useful are things like the Status, e.g. Open or Completed, and filter by tag.

We hope you get great use out of this feature. We’ve been using it already!


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