Track Time on Sub-tasks

Track Time on Sub-tasks

Hooray! We have finally rolled out a piece of ProProfs Project that has been missing for years. You can now track time on sub-tasks! We’re pretty excited.

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s involved a lot of hard work, coffee, pretzels, and some sleep deprivation, however we are very excited to announce time tracking on sub-tasks. Along with that are some pretty cool improvements to the reports, which basically make the reporting in ProProfs Project awesome.

You can tell we are excited. Read on to find out more about the new updates.

#1. Break Down Your Time

Sub-tasks are intended to break down tasks in to smaller pieces, for example in a logo design task you might have ‘Gather Requirements’ as a sub-task, and ‘Design Mockups’, ‘Meet with Client’, and so on. The issue before was that although you had broken down your task in to smaller pieces, you could only track time on the parent task.

Now you can click the timer for each sub-task and track time for the ‘Design Mockups’ sub-task, and the other sub-tasks. And just like before, as administrators you can find out who is working on what and whether they are actively timing or not by filtering to each user.

#2. Budget Your Hours in Detail

Now you can set up budgets for projects, tasks and sub-tasks.

Set how many hours you expect a sub-task to take, and set a budget on the parent task too if you like. As your team track their hours the parent task and parent project will get automatically updated to include all of the hours spent, and your budget indicator will highlight green or red depending on whether they are in budget or not.

This is extremely useful, and in some cases, a critical feature when having multiple people working on a project. Now you’ll always know if you are in budget on a project, and you’ll have the detail to show for it too.

#3. Reporting Just Got Better

We’ve taken a look at each report and basically made them better. It’s unlikely that you’ll be missing a report for what you need now, as the reports are extremely flexible.

We took time on the phone with various users to find out exactly what they needed. In some cases it was just a simple summary of time spent on a project, some wanted the time spent grouped by users, others wanted a breakdown of each time entry, and others wanted a list of all users and how long they’ve spent on each task.

The Time Summary report is now a simple overview of how your team are spending them time in total. However the Time by User report now shows a breakdown of each task, by user, across all projects. You can even filter your Time on Projects report by tag, or by status, for example. ‘show me only the time spent on closed projects this month’.

We know you’ll find the new reporting useful.

Always Getting Better

We hope you’ll agree that ProProfs Project is always getting better. We’re constantly trying to add new features and improve existing ones so that they will help you *get more organized and more productive**, with a minimal learning curve.

We’ve got more on the way, so stay tuned. It’s exciting times.


Don’t forget, if you’re still using our old version of ProProfs Project you can migrate to the new one. Just send us an email and we’ll migrate you over.

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