Tips & Tricks: Creating Project Templates

Our tips & tricks series shows you how to get the most out of ProProfs Project. We update the series often with tips such as how to share a project with your client, and how to create an invoice for your project in just a few seconds.

Save Lots of Time

That’s what ProProfs Project is all about – saving your time. You may find that when you create projects, they often contain the same set of tasks and have the same pricing. You don’t really want to have to re-create this set of tasks every time you get a new project from a client.

So this is where Project Templates come in very handy.

A Case Study

So in our demo we have a CMS installation project which always has the same pricing, and the same set of tasks. Sometimes we may want to omit certain tasks, but most of the time it will be the same.

Create the Template then Duplicate

So all you do is create the master project (which will act as your template), then rename it as “Template: Website Project” (or whatever you want), and then click on Duplicate in the Options menu. Simple as that.

A copy of this template project will appear and then you can just rename that and attach it to the appropriate client. All the pricing information which we use for Estimates and Invoices will get carried across too.

If you want to you could delete the tasks that aren’t right for this project, which is quicker than creating tasks and having to type all the information in every time.

Creating Estimates and Invoices From a Project

So imagine your client wants to know how much this project will cost, or perhaps you want to just invoice the client for the project.

Simple click the Options button, then click on Create Estimate or Create Invoice. An estimate or invoice will get created instantly and it will contain all the pricing information that you set up for each task.

Then you can send to your client by clicking “Send to Client” and they will receive the estimate or invoice.

Setting Up Pricing/Cost for Tasks

To create estimates and invoices off of projects make sure you do the following first:

For estimates, you must make sure that you enter a number in the “Estimated Cost” field when editing a task. That value will be used for when you create an estimate off a project.

For invoices, to get a fixed price you edit the task and select “Fixed Price” in the “Price based on” field. Alternatively you can select “Days and Hours” but remember to set up your daily and hourly rates in the Edit Project page.

Once you have mastered Project Templates, you will find yourself creating projects, estimates and invoices in just seconds, saving lots of valuable time.


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