Time Tracking V2!

Time Tracking V2!

We’ve just updated the Time Tracking features adding a load of cool new features which we want to talk about in this post.

Firstly, let me start by telling you (if you don’t already know) that ProProfs Project makes setting up projects, time tracking and invoicing really easy. Every time we bring out a new update it just gets even easier and you’ll notice that especially so with this new update.

Easy Time Entries

The timesheet entry system has been improved so that you can add entries instantly without clicking buttons and submitting forms. Simply click the mouse in to your first entry, enter a time, and click enter or tab and your entry will be saved. SImple.

Time Tracking V2!

Also when you add a new entry (either directly from the timesheet or by clicking Add Entry), the system will intelligently work out the hours from what you type in. For example, “2 hours” will add 120 minutes, “4:30” will add 4 hours and 30 minutes, and “4 days” will add 5750 minutes or “96:00”.

project Works Out Your Billable Time

Previously you had to manually enter your billable hours by clicking plus and minus buttons. Although you can still do this (by clicking Edit Project and setting the option), the default now is to let project automatically work out your billable time for you.

For example, let’s say you or your team work 16 hours and 40 minutes on a project and your hourly rate is set to $75 per hour. project will calculate your billable time at 16.5 billable hours and set up everything for you ready for invoicing. When you create your invoice off the project then the itemized task list will appear with the automatically calculated billable hours, saving you lots of time and hassle.

Who wants to be messing around with complicated time tracking programs and creating nasty PDF invoices in Word. Just set up an hourly rate, click the timer, then click Create Invoice – it’s as easy as that!

And Your Previously Billed Tasks

Another feature here is that once you send an invoice for a project then all tasks you have previously billed for, won’t be billed for again (shown on the Tasks list with a dollar icon). That way you can continue to bill for a project on a rolling basis, whereas before you could only bill for a project once.

Note that tasks that don’t have any billable hours, or an hourly rate set up, won’t be billed for on invoices.

Assign Yourself!

We had lots of users saying that when on the Freelance plan, or when just keeping a project to just one user, it wasn’t intuitive when assigning yourself as a user. We’ve gone ahead and corrected this so now you can assign yourself (or nobody) to a Task, even if it’s just you in the project.

We’ve also fixed various bugs and added a few usability enhancements throughout the site which you’ll be sure to notice. And of course, we’re already planning the next update which will include more of your suggestions and requested features.

So enjoy!

Note that some of these new features are brand new so if you notice any bugs let us know and we’ll get them fixed right away.


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