The Power of Teams

The Power of Teams

Working in a team is a fundamental part of great productivity. However teams don’t work well unless there’s great teamwork and communication happening at the same time. This week we bring you our new Teams feature to help enable this, and it’s available to everyone.

As we grow our user-base, we’re constantly met with new challenges to make sure our tool helps your organization stay productive, motivated, and collaborating well.

Last year we deployed a new version which caters towards larger organizations, with perhaps hundreds of users. With that it was essential to add a feature that enabled you to group your users in to smaller groups, or teams.

We launched the new Enterprise version a few months ago with this feature available to those on the premium plans. Now this feature is available on all plans.

The Power of Teams

The Teams feature allows you to set up new groups, and choose who you want to be in each team. Users can be in multiple teams too if they need to have visibility of multiple areas, for example, ‘managers’ and ‘developers’.

Simply click on the Teams tab, add a team, then choose which users you want to be in that team. You can assign a color to a team too, to help distinguish between teams.

Once you’ve set you your teams you can assign them to projects and tasks, just like you could with users. The main advantage being that you can save time selecting the same group of users each time when setting up your projects and tasks. If you add a team to a project, you’ll find that when you then add tasks all the users in that team now show as individual users.

Better Privacy

If you feel that some projects and users should not be visible to certain users, you can set the user up as a ‘Project Manager’ or ‘Task Manager’ and assign them to a single team. The user won’t then be able to assign any users outside of his or her team, nor will they see projects or tasks outside of what is assigned to their team.

This helps your team stay focused on what they are working on, plus it adds an extra layer of privacy and protection for larger organizations working on sensitive projects.

More Power to Administrators

Administrators, as all-powerful as they are, can now set up Team Managers as a new role. These Team Managers are also administrators who can view all projects, but set up teams too. They won’t be able to do as much as an administrators and can still be locked to a client, but it does mean you can have someone in charge of setting up teams.

Administrators and Team Managers can also filter through projects by team, as well as by user, giving them the power to be able to see what different teams are working on. More power, yet simplicity at its core.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, which is now available on all plans. Invite your users, set them up in teams, and get collaborating!

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