The API is Coming!

The API is Coming!

What is an API and how is it going to help ProProfs Project?

An API is quite simply something that allows software to talk to each other. The good news is we are going to be building one for ProProfs Project.

What does this mean? Well it means a great deal.

Firstly the third-party software that you use (for example Bookkeeping software like Outright, invoicing

software like FreshBooks and file management apps like DropBox) will all be able to talk to ProProfs Project. That means you won’t need so many advanced features like File Management in ProProfs Project because you can just interface with other apps that do it a whole lot better.

Imagine being able to have the easy-to-use management part of project interacting with the amazing file management features that a service like DropBox offer. Or imagine generating invoices with project and then having them auto populate in your accounting package.

With an API this becomes possible.

Secondly it allows for developers to build third-party applications for ProProfs Project, like Twitter does. For example TweetDeck is an app that is not owned by Twitter, but they sell their desktop and iPhone application which simply plugs in to the Twitter service. That means Twitter can focus on providing a great quality and simple service, but those who want more (like filtering, auto-searching, Mac OS X desktop apps) can get it from a third-party.

In the case of ProProfs Project it means we can soon have multiple iPhone, Android, Mac OS X apps (such as Adobe AIR) and PC apps all developed for us which simply interface with the online ProProfs Project database.

Imagine having an iPhone app that you can take on the road with you and you simply talk to it and it sets up your projects. Or perhaps an app that reads out what active projects you have due today while you are driving.

Imagine being able to download all your projects on to your Mac or PC, working on them on the train (using a really nice interface similar to ProProfs Project), then whenever you get a web connection again it uploads the changes to ProProfs Project.

This is what an API does, and we are going to be building one this summer.

We know you will love using it.



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