Take Christmas off, You Deserve It!

Take Christmas off, You Deserve It!

You’ve probably been running around chasing deadlines for most of the year, can you at least spend some time with your family and relax for a while? You probably need to; it’ll help you re-assess your life, your values and reflect on everything you have around you.

There’s something special about Christmas. In the Western World, it’s fairly universally celebrated with at least two days off, lots of food and a fair amount of drink. People get together in groups, reflect on the year that’s gone by and think about the year to come.

However, some people can’t switch off. Some people are wired to continue working, or at least think about working and what they’re going to do when they get back to work. For some the break is just a time to get other work done, to spend time on another project because the customer in charge of the first project has gone on holiday.


The most important job you have of being a parent, a son, a daughter, a brother, a sister and a friend.

Time is fleeting. Take a look at your project plan. See those days in the past? They’re never coming back. Never.

You’ve probably passed up on time with friends to meet a deadline in the past few months. Maybe you’ve skipped a few days of holiday with the family so you can finish a report.

Christmas is special. This is the only Christmas Day we’ll have in 2014. Some of the people you will be meeting, talking to, having a laugh with might not be here for next years’ celebration.

Your project deadline can be moved on if necessary.

Enjoy the now.

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