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We are always focused on how we can improve the way you manage your projects online. We’ve just released a few new features that will make the process faster and easier.

It’s exciting times here at ProProfs Project. We’re growing our team, we’re growing our customer base, and we’re improving our product every week, thanks to the amazing suggestions and feedback that you send us.

So while everyone else was eating lots of turkey and ham, we’ve been working hard on some new features. Here’s what’s new. Most importantly, there’s the new Project Templates feature.

Project Templates

Previously, it was always possible to create project templates by duplicating a project. However, now we’ve made it even easier and more useful.

When you add a project there’s now a ‘Save as a Template’ checkbox at the bottom of the advanced options section. Checking this box will place the project as a template in the new‘Templates’ folder of the Projects page, keeping it separate from your other projects.

When you want to create a project from this template just follow these steps:

  • Click on the Templates filter (next to the Closed filter on the right)
  • Find your project template and click the options button
  • Click the Create Project link and your project will appear
  • You can then rename the project and make any other changes you want to make

Hopefully your projects will now be a lot tidier, your templates will be easier to find and won’t get in the way.

Improved Tagging

We had a suggestion recently to add a “Not tagged” filter so that you could find your projects and tasks that were, well… not tagged. So we added this ability. This should help you find any projects or tasks that don’t have any tags assigned so you can tag them.

Also we’ve increased the number of popular tags that display in the project and task pages so you can access your less popular tags too, instead of having them hidden as before.

Looks Better on Mobile

We’ve improved the way ProProfs Project displays on mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad, including various bug fixes and usability improvements. When adding tasks and projects, you’ll notice that the interface will highlight the recently added project or task without refreshing.

We’ve also carried across the new tag feature and templates feature to the mobile version.

Find Your Sub-tasks

You’ll notice that when performing a search in the top right, sub-tasks are now included in the search. So you can easily find your sub-tasks and get to them directly, from anywhere.

Improved Automatic Numbering

We’ve improved the handling of automatic reference numbers for invoices and estimates. You can now use fairly complicated reference numbers, such as ABC-R2D2-0239 or C-REF099 and our system will take the last number and increment it.

And of course, we’ve added various other speed enhancements and bug fixes to go along with those new features which we’re sure you’ll notice as you go about efficiently managing your projects.

We hope you enjoy!

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