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Great things happen we create fresh ideas that help us do our work better so our productivity flows. Collaboration is how bridges get built, train tracks are set to ground, and how rocket science propels us into unknown galaxies as we explore our universe further and further.

Projects of larger scales can tax our attention, however. Tackling tasks is not always easy-breezy. The actionable steps they can require can distract us from handling the more easily managed subtasks. Delegating those beastly little to-dos can turn absolutely mind-numbing when you have to do everything yourself.

However productivity in the workplace is one of the greatest time cycles we can manage.

The productivity in the workplace we engage in is a reflection of how effectively each of us can manage our time. Doubling down on our projects, means handling more than our quota of micro-assignment sometimes… and if they are not managed fluidly, workflow can stagger or possibly backlog.

Okay so time management isn’t rocket science. Yet the many tasks you queue and organize at the workplace are identical to the tasks performed by a rocket scientist.

That’s right, a rocket scientist.

NASA's Productivity Challenge

Imagine the amount of workplace productivity needed to operate one of the largest aeronautic and scientific technology programs at The National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA).

NASA is entering the next platform of productivity with collaboration that will take us across unexplored frontiers. Creating the Orion spacecraft, and the Space Launch System rocket, NASA has planned to send more Earthlings to space — and to planet Mars — as early as year 2030.

NASA complements scientific research that rivals productivity in a variety of workplace environments. The org is involved in collaborative projects across a latitude of national partnerships with educational institutions while explores scientific research on a global scale. Including the Curiosity Mars rover, which has mined more than 1,600 images of planet Mars’ soil and chemical composition via spectroscopy.

The massive attention required to delegate such project management cycles might task the mind of the most adept rocket scientist. But productivity management is a mainstay in a kaleidoscope of different professions. The projects you manage are at their core, perhaps closer to the subtasks a rocket scientist manages in the workplace than you ever dreamed.

How to Manage Your Productivity Like a Rocket Scientist

What does a rocket scientist do?

The name “rocket scientist” is actually more of connotation than a real description. There really is no such role as a rocket scientist. Rocket scientists are either engineers (who design or work to build or modify actual rockets) or scientists.

Kind of brings the ‘impossible’ of productivity into a more understandable realm of product management, doesn’t it?

Besides having training in math and in sciences, experience in engineering is important to a rocket scientist. A degree or a Masters degree in aerospace, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering is also obligatory. Oh, and model aircraft construction, rocketry, and useful piloting experience — definite pluses.

Rocket scientists, like project managers are also schedulers.

What's a typical day in the life of a rocket scientist?

A typical day for a “rocket scientist” could include improving rocket productivity. Rockets must be impervious to extreme influence of catalysts such as thermals, high temperatures, pressure systems, and also withstand testing of flight plans.

By observing aerodynamic production, aero-thermal production, and acoustics environs, a rocket scientist can record how a rocket’s function is influenced in atmospheres and when it reenters the Earth’s planetary sphere.

The rocket scientist extraordinaire may assign the tasks and the subtasks of the day to a co-worker or to team members as needed. The difference between a rocket scientist’s work and your work is specific to how tasks and subtasks are completed more than anything else.

No, what is a day in the life of a rocket scientist like REALLY?

“At times, working for NASA can be really cool! But I must temper that by pointing out it’s not all launching rockets and conducting ‘smoke and fire’ tests every day.”

Technologist and engineer, Davy Haynes.

It takes a long time, a lot of work, and often many frustrations before we get to the point of ‘pushing the button.’ There are lots of seemingly endless meetings, technical debates, and voluminous data reports and documentation to complete,” Haynes adds.

“These are the not-so-glamorous, but necessary parts of the job that culminate in the excitement and spectacle of launch day.”

How to Master Productivity in the Workplace

How you manage your own productivity in the workplace follows equally creatively project-managed solutions.

The same way a rocket scientist studies mathematics and any of the sciences, realize that you too have the same planning strengths a scientist or an engineer has. To master your productivity in the workplace, try working with a system:

1. Use a System

A system is a method that helps you do you work more effectively. If it helps you get to the heart of your projects passionately, the system is most likely very malleable and is at its most basic core functionality, “intuitive” of your project management needs.

2. Funnel Your Projects

Funnel your workflow through the system’s applications features and observe which ones help you finish you projects more efficiently.

3. Regale Flexibility

It is easy to say a system does not work. It is challenging to try a new way of doing a thing. A willingness to see every project through its cycles allows you to measure your successes expertly.

A good system that funnels your projects through tasks will:

  • Streamline your work by keeping you accountable with your tasks.
  • List your projects through tasks in an easy to track format.
  • Evolve your workflow by helping you see task progressions, beginning to end.
  • Work when you use it, and is flexible with your productivity management.

Try the ProProfs Project platform and improve your productivity in the workplace with a simple and easy to use project management system.

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So easy to use, a rocket scientist can do it

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