Planned Migration to Rock Solid Servers


It’s official! We’re moving to solid Rackspace Cloud servers!That basically means we going to be sitting on very reliable servers based in Virginia, US. The company that will provide our server will be a reputable firm called Rackspace who have been around a while.

One major advantage of the hardware we are planning on using is that it uses “Cloud hosting” which means that if one server goes down another will take it’s place. For you that means pretty much 100% uptime (apart from scheduled maintenance). It has other advantages aswell such as speed and security.

It’s another step that we are taking to provide you with a reliable, solid and amazing project management and invoicing experience.

OK, when!?

We are planning to migrate on May 1st 2010. So please be aware that there will be downtime that weekend as we move everything over. Because it’s the weekend, and because we will plan the downtime for evenings – you should be ok.

It’s also a bank holiday weekend so hopefully you will all be away having fun in the sun, while we sit in front of command prompts 🙂

We will make sure your data is backed up and secure. You will not lose any data and everything should be all up and running for the following Monday, with shiny new and fast servers!


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