New Shared Timers & Custom Task Progress


Time seems to be flying by this year, especially for us at ProProfs Project HQ because we’ve been so busy developing new features. Here’s what’s new in April…

Firstly, due to popular request, we’ve made it possible for managers to be able to see if their team are tracking time, how much time they’ve spent so far, and on what tasks.

Simply select a user from the user dropdown, select a project, or select Assigned Tasks from the next dropdown, then look down the task list and you’ll see the task highlighted in green if your team member is working on it. Please note you won’t be able to start or stop the timer unless it’s you that’s tracking time.

This is a powerful feature for being able to keep an eye on what your team is spending its time on, and in real-time too!

We’ve made a few other updates around this too, such as being able to see timing tasks in the Time Entry view, and being able to view All time entries, not just the day, week or month’s entries. We hope this will all make your time tracking experience even better.

Custom Task Progress


Previously the task progress was based on how many sub-tasks you had completed. We used to get a lot of questions about how task progress was calculated, and whether it could be changed so that the task progress was based on the amount of time spent vs the estimated time.

Well, we added a preference (in the My Company page) to let you choose how you want your task progress, and ultimately your project progress, to be calculated. The default setting is now “Manual”, which means you get the option to select how complete your task is yourself, e.g. 20% or 50%. There is also the setting which lets task progress get calculated on sub-task completion (as before), and the option that lets task progress get calculated based on the actual time vs estimated time.

We’ve even made the system update progress in real-time, so your task progress will update as your team spends time on the task and gets nearer to the estimated hours, and ultimately completion. Note that you need to have estimated hours entered for this feature to work, which is in the Advanced Options of the Edit Task page.

Bill Based on a Specific Date Range


We had many requests for the ability to create invoices based on a specific date range. For example, say you worked the whole of January on a project, which you billed for, but then you didn’t bill for February and have already tracked time for March and April.

You don’t want to append the invoice with all the un-billed time entries so far, and you don’t want to have to go through the invoice and individually remove entries. So, we went ahead and put a feature in to save you some more time.

Simply click the options button from the Projects tab, click “Add Invoice”, then in the dropdown that says “Bill Based On”, select “Specific Time Entries” and enter your date range. At this point, only the time entries created within that date will be billed for in your invoice, leaving the others untouched.

We’ve also added a new filter in the Time Entries view that allows you to hide your billed entries, making it easier for you to see what’s billed for and what’s not.

We hope you enjoy the new updates, and do let us know if you have any questions!


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