More Power to Project Managers


We’ve improved the way that tasks are managed and given more power to Project Managers. We’ve also made some other improvements that you might want to know about.

Firstly, we just want to reiterate how much we value simple and easy task management here at ProProfs Project. Our whole ethos is about keeping things simple and easy-to-use, but also providing software that gets out of your way so that you can manage your projects quickly and efficiently, saving time and getting more work done.

We’ve added so many features and developments over these last couple of years that sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the core features, and that is basically – simple task management and collaboration.

There are elements of the simplicity and usefulness that have gotten a little lost since introducing new features, such as time tracking, so we needed to re-visit it and get back to the original vision.

Read on because there are some important changes that might affect you and your team.

More Power to the Project Manager

So what’s new? The main improvement we’ve made is around the sharing of tasks. Previously the Project Manager role was useful for creating projects, but when it came to really managing them the role had become a little useless. You had to be an Administrator really to manage the tasks in a project properly, and many companies didn’t want to assign their users as administrators, understandably.

So, we’ve made the Project Manager role more powerful.

The Project Manager can now:

  • See ALL the tasks in projects they are involved with, regardless of the user assignment
  • Filter by users, just like the administrator is able to, for the projects they are involved with
  • Set the task order for the users, just like the administrator, for projects they are involved with
  • Can now assign tasks to other users, without the task disappearing

As a result of the above changes, we’ve simplified the way that task sharing works. There is no longer a “Sharing” option for Tasks, because they now behave just like Sub-tasks. Simpler.

If a task is assigned, then others won’t see it.

That means your users will have a less cluttered task view, without tasks belonging to other users. If you want your users to see all the tasks, just remove the users and have the task assigned to Everyone, just like before, and just like with Sub-tasks.

To get a Shared task, remove all the users, or assign everyone (the former would be quicker).

To get a Private task, only assign the users you want to see it.


Don’t forget, Project Managers can use the “All Users” filter if they want to assign tasks to other users, or just view the tasks belonging to other users in the project.

All of this means more power to the Project Manager, making the role more useful, preventing tasks from disappearing when assigned to others, and saving the user more time because they can now filter by user.

Important note: you may need to set the role of your users to Task Manager or Collaborator if you want them to have less visibility in the project.

Sticky Filters

What’s a sticky filter you might say? Well, we’ve added a cool new feature that remembers your filters, and also the order, when you change tabs. It will remember what you had selected.

For example, this is particularly useful if you like to order by Due Date most of the time, but still like to use Custom order (drag & drop) sometimes, or if you change tabs a lot and want to keep the tag filter active, or you prefer to have the All filter selected when looking at tasks.

This also means the speed of the interface has been improved. You’ll notice now when you change user, or click on a column to order it (e.g. the Due Date), it will load much faster, and remember that setting.

We hope you enjoy the new updates!

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