Month View & Estimated Project Hours


Another round of updates to help you get organized faster and more effectively.

We know you're busy, so we we won't bore you with the details. Here's what's new in our most recent round of updates. The focus is always helping you get organized more effectively with your business, so we hope you enjoy these updates!


  • Month View in Timesheets

    You can now filter your time entries by month, so you'll get a much better overview on what you and your team have been working on.

  • Estimated Hours for a Project

    We had a lot of requests for this. You can now set an amount of hours you estimate a project will take, and this will appear in the task page (see screenshot). Just click Advanced Options when you add a project to enter this amount.

  • Filter Projects by User

    You can now filter your projects by user, just like you can with tasks. So if you need to find out what projects are on for a particular user, just select them in the dropdown.

  • Default Order for Projects & Tasks

    You can now bypass the custom ordering for projects and tasks and just automatically order all your projects by date. Set this in the My Company preferences page.

  • Dashboard Notifications in Date Order

    Dashboard Notifications are now much more useful, you'll see what's due today, and what's due tomorrow, helping you focus on what's important.


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