Lock Users to Multiple Clients

Lock Users to Multiple Clients

You can now lock users to multiple clients (or departments) by simply ticking the the client you want to lock to from the Edit User page.Previously you could only lock a user to one client. This is because we built the system with the intention that the invited user would be a client who wants to log in and view their projects, therefore you would assume they should only be locked to one client – them.

However some of you requested that the user have the ability to be locked to multiple clients, instead of just one, so we added this ability for you.

There are various reasons why you might want to do this.

  1. Your ‘client’ could actually be a department within the organization and the user needs to be locked to multiple departments.
  2. The user could actually be a freelancer or collaborator who needs to fully access multiple clients, not just one.
  3. The client could be an actual client (as the system intended) but might themselves be attached to multiple companies and only want one login.

We hope you find this new feature useful!


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