Introducing Tags and HTML Emails

Introducing Tags and HTML Emails

Another month, another round of cool updates for you. This time we’re proud to announce the introduction of a new tagging system plus other features you’ll love.

We’ve been hard at work improving the features we already have but also bringing in a few new ones to help with the organisation of your projects. We’ll be talking about how to make use of these new features, plus there are other small tweaks and optimisations we’ve made that you’ll want to know about. Read on!


A few of you mentioned that you were struggling to manage large numbers of projects and tasks and were wanting a way of being able to group them together somehow. Our solution to that problem is a new tagging system that will massively help you when you have a large numbers of projects and tasks.

The first advantage of tags is you can group projects and tasks under multiple categories. For example you might have a tag titled “Development”, but you might also want to tag a project under “In Progress”. This can be achieved by just separating your tags with commas when you add or edit a project or task.

The second advantage of tags is that you can create your own custom tags. We don’t specify what you categorise your projects and tasks under, so you can create your own set of tags with whatever names you want. Also projects and tasks each have their own set of tags, which means you can create a set of tags for projects (e.g. On hold, In Progress, Started) and a set of tags for tasks (e.g. Assigned, Un-assigned, Billed, etc).

To tag a project or task just add a new one as you normally would, then in the tags section separate your tags with a comma, then click Save. Simple as that. Your most popular tags will appear above the projects or tasks.

Please note at this time you’ll only see a maximum of 10 popular tags for each section (projects and tasks), so bear that in mind when choosing your tags.

HTML Emails

Your ProProfs Project notification emails now look about twenty times prettier!

HTML Emails

Although simplistic in their design, you’ll find them much more easier to read with the important parts highlighted and with clickable links. The links will go directly to the project, task, or comment in question so that you can spend less time searching around for the related project or task and making the emails much more useful.

We’ve also improved the ‘daily reminders’ email making it contain clickable links but also organising the items in to date order so that the important stuff for today is at the top.

Other Cool Stuff You Should Know About

Here’s what else is new in our recent update:

  • Better reports for projects and tasks, including the progress amount
  • Ability to start your week on a Monday, not a Sunday (click on My Company)
  • Purchase Order field in invoices and estimates
  • Ability to see active timers on the Dashboard, so you’ll always know what’s timing
  • Reminders for events happening today and tomorrow now show on Dashboard
  • Ability to see which tasks are completed in Timesheet view
  • Improvements to the user interface
  • Database optimisation and speed enhancements
  • Various bug fixes

We hope you enjoy!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to get in touch by using the contact form.

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