Introducing Archiving

Introducing Archiving

We're on fire! Another new highly requested feature for you is an Archiving Tool that lets you put your projects, estimates and invoices in to an Archive.

This can be useful for those that want to hide their projects or invoices away somewhere, without deleting them. Say for example you want to archive all of last years projects or invoices, simply click the Options button and then click Archive and your project, invoice or estimate will get instantly moved across.

Rounding Billable Time

Another little customization preference we have added is the ability to select how we calculate your billable time. The default is to round to the nearest half an hour, but some of you need to bill your clients by the minute (exactly). So if this the case for you, simply go to My Company and set your preferences there.

Hope you are all enjoying using project! Coming up next is Expenses.... don't miss it.

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