Integrating Project with Slack

Integrating Project with Slack

The world has gone crazy over the latest addition to the messaging world: Slack. When you first use this tool, you wonder what the fuss is about. It’s just a chat app that looks suspiciously like the old days of IRC, but after a few days, you wonder how you ever did without it!

Messaging on a project can be a problem. Although keeping some conversations within your project application is essential, very often you need to chat in real-time to a team of people. Chat applications like Skype, Hangouts etc. are OK, but they’re a bit overkill. Slack quietly solves that problem.

It’s a simple chat window. You set up a number of “channels” and you invite your teammates to them.

That’s it.

Your teammates can then chat about the projects, life and anything else in general. So what’s the big deal?

As with many apps these days, it’s the simplicity that wins here. It just screams to be used all the time. For my colleagues it’s a boon because whereas we used to have Gmail open to chat, and at the same time get distracted by emails, we now just use slack.


But, of course, it’s also got some excellent integrations.

As a ProProfs Project and Slack user, I want to notify everyone when I’ve finished a task. Simple! The integration with Zapier for both ProProfs Project and Slack means it’s a doddle. Just tell it to send a new message when a task (or subtask) is added to a particular project. You can choose the channel you wish to post to and then when it triggers, it’s done.


We’ve found this especially useful when sharing Slack with customers. They have the window open on their desktop and as bugs are fixed, they get a notification. This invites them to chat about it with us at the time it’s done, rather than having to send emails, which often get lost.

Work the Other Way

Of course, being able to create tasks from Slack can be a real productivity boost, luckily you can do that, too!

Work the Other Way

With this integration live, when you add a message in Slack and then “star” it, the message will become a task within your chosen ProProfs Project project.

Experiment and Set Yourself Free!

Of course, it doesn’t end here. There are other integrations too and as new applications are added to Zapier, the ways in which you can extend ProProfs Project will continue to grow.

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