Improved CSV Export

Improved CSV Export

We’ve just made reporting even better in ProProfs Project. You can now download CSV exports directly from reports, plus we’ve improved the standard CSV exports across each tab.

Getting your data out is just as important as getting your project, task and time data in. Therefore we’ve been focused on improving the export facilities in ProProfs Project so that you can easily extract the information presented on the screen, and send it to your spreadsheet tools for data analysis and reporting.

This feature already existed in the past across each tab, however we’ve just improved it by taking in to account the filters that are active on the page. For example, if you have closed projects selected, and are filtered to a particular client and tag, then the export will only include this data. This could be useful for example, if you want to tag certain projects or tasks as “Export”, so only those are included in the CSV export.

Another useful addition, which was heavily requested, is the ability to download a CSV export of the report, directly from the report itself. Just click the Export to CSV button while logged in and viewing the report. The data that you see in the report will be included in your CSV so that you perform further analysis with your spreadsheet, or just for backup purposes.

Don’t forget you’ve got the handy “Download PDF” button too if you want a nice, printer friendly version of the report to send to your client or manager.


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