Improved Billing for Time Entries

Improved Billing for Time Entries

We’ve just made a few updates improving the way that time entries are billed for in ProProfs Project.

Previously you could only bill for your tasks once, unless you reset the billed status of the task. This works great for Fixed Price tasks, but if you are continuously billing for the same project and tracking time for the same tasks then you need to be able to know which time entries are billed for already and only calculate the time on un-billed time entries.

So we listened to your suggestions and added the ability for invoices to be billed off time entries as well as tasks. This means you can continuously track time for your tasks and ProProfs Project will work out what hours are billed for and which ones aren’t.

Time entries that have been billed for will show up in the Day view of the timesheets with a dollar icon next to them, much like tasks.

All your previously billed hours have been imported in to this new feature so there’s nothing you need to do except continue tracking time and we’ll handle the rest. Enjoy!

P.S. You might also have noticed the new Time tab, making it easier for you to find your timesheets. If you find the navigation bar too cluttered, don’t forget you can switch off aspects of ProProfs Project that you don’t use in the Users tab (Edit User).

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