How to Relieve the Boredom of Working on Your Own

How to Relieve the Boredom of Working on Your Own

Although freelance work can be very rewarding, it can still be a struggle to maintain focus and drive away the boredom of working on your own. In order to maximise your efforts and minimise feelings of stagnation, here are a handful of tips to keep in mind.

Break Your Daily Work Up

One of the biggest issues with solitary work involves taking on too much during your day. Within a surprisingly short period of time, you will find that your mind has become slightly “dulled”, you may become bored and your work can suffer. So, it is wise to prearrange your tasks into “chunks”. This will help to break up the day while ensuring that you will not become too fatigued.

Walk Away…

The freelance industry can be a demanding field. You will need to know when enough is enough. Of course, this time frame will tend to differ depending upon the individual. Be honest with yourself and when you feel that boredom has replaced creativity, know that it is time to leave it for the time being. This could be in the form of going the gym for an hour, taking a walk or simply “decompressing” by listening to music or watching a few videos.

You Have to Eat

One of the main causes of boredom revolves around low blood sugar (think of the mid-morning doldrums at an average office job). Never become so wrapped up in your work that you fail to take lunch. There are two main reasons behind this strategy. First, you will be receiving the nutrients that your body and mind require to function at their optimum levels. Secondly, this is another excellent method to obtain a bit of necessary breathing room before immersing yourself into the second half of the day. Should you feel that your focus is becoming blunted during the afternoon, there is nothing wrong with grabbing a quick and healthy snack such as a bowl of fruit or an energy bar.

Set a Schedule and Stick To It

One of the many reasons that freelance work is difficult is that unlike an office job, we can be a bit too liberal in terms of our schedule. Simply because you are working from home is no reason to deviate from normal working hours. So, be sure to set your daily plan in concrete and never deviate from it (within reason). Over time, your mind and body will become adapted to this regimen. Boredom can be avoided and you will be the most productive during these allotted hours.

Find Time to Liaise With a Friend

Boredom and loneliness often appear simultaneously. Find time to speak with a friend. Perhaps you can meet him or her for lunch and discuss your current project. If this is not possible, give them a ring or liaise with them via an Internet call. Otherwise, motivation can quickly be replaced with feelings of solitude and stagnation. Let us never forget that speaking with a friend is an excellent way to get a different perspective; perhaps even leading to novel ideas that you can employ upon returning to work.

Freelance work and boredom do not necessarily have to be paired together. These are five simple steps which can easily be integrated into your daily activities. Over time, they will become very useful habits. When you learn to boost your mental and physical alertness to the next level, the sky is the limit in terms of what you are able to accomplish!

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