How Software Developers Can Incorporate the Use of Project Management Software

project management software for developersSoftware development projects aren’t an easy deal for organizations today, especially for start-ups. There are various challenges they may face while working their way through a successful completion. That’s why they are advised to follow the set steps of a ‘software development lifecycle’.

Let’s take a cursory glance at the six-step life cycle of software development project:

  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development and implementation
  • Test and deployment of the software
  • Maintenance

Following these steps can reduce the pressures of a painstaking start. But the team can come across different challenges even then. And most tend to arise due to human error.

Challenges software development team can face while working on a project:

  • Error in Defining Project Requirements

This originates due to lack of communication. While teams sit together to align requirements for a project, they tend to miss on essential requirements.

But why does this happen? It’s not like the team lead will object to their suggestions or requirements. After all, even they plan on completing the project within the given deadline.

So what stops them from discussing essential requirements to complete their software development project?

Its got to be the inability to communicate proper thought alignment and minutes of the meeting when the entire team sits for a project progress discussion. This is one of the major human errors that could lead to project failure.

  • Late Feature Requests

There can be late feature requests that stakeholders or even users can ask the organization to incorporate after testing it thoroughly. Though it may seem fine at first, later does raise questions at the planning efficiency of the team.

The reason why they left a feature off the planning list shows that they weren’t clear about what they expect the software to accomplish for their users. This human error can also lead to software failure amidst its users.

  • Time Crunch During Software Assessment

Assessment is an essential phase of software development lifecycle. This phase helps you spot any security threats or bugs that may infect the user's device. Plus, a perfect method to make sure that software is developed as per the initial plan.

But this is where many tend to make the mistake. It's not just assessment that needs to take place. After figuring them out, the development team needs to find a valid solution that helps to correct the bugs in time before it gets launched. So if you think that the time set for software assessment phase is perfect, then think again.

You probably haven’t taken the ‘solution aspect’ into consideration while setting a deadline for assessment phase.

  • Don't Forget Scope Creep

This is yet again a major human error that project leads need to consider when developing a software. It results out of not defining, documenting, and controlling the scope of a project. So, what’s the solution?

You need to be vigilant from day one. Also, make sure that your team and you are aware of client’s vision for the software.

Other than that, it’s important that you understand the requirements of a project. Never exclude the process for changing project scope. And more importantly, ensure to incorporate the use of a simple project management.

PM tool incorporation not only helps you to avoid scope creep but other challenges too. Let’s see how software development teams can make use of a project management tool to avoid various challenges that arrive in a software development lifecycle.

Avoiding Challenges with PM Tool During Software Development Life Cycle

Pulling off a project successfully can be a challenge. That’s because it’ll never be free of pitfalls. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t work towards eradicating them. And to help you out with your never-ending challenges of a software development life cycle, PM tool integration is one of the best solutions.

Let’s explore how software development teams can put a project management tool to use:

  • Project Planning

It’s always beneficial for a team to have a well-scheduled plan. It makes the implementation process less cumbersome. But to have a scheduled plan, it's important you document each step and activity in one place. That’s where a project management tool can help you out.

Document the step-by-step procedure in tasks and sub-tasks. What’s more? You can set deadlines for each task separately to achieve their objectives that ultimately leads to a project’s goal achievement.

  • Work Delegation

Divide work for each team, even for remote employees, by creating tasks. Once created, assign them to different teams in a click. Those responsible for task completion will get notified once a task is assigned to them.

This way every team member is clear about what tasks are they responsible for, therefore avoiding any confusion for future.

  • Track Progress

What makes the use of a project management tool even more useful during a software development process, is its capability to track its current progress in a quick glance. With a feature like Gantt Chart View, track the progress of every ongoing task.

In case your team hasn’t worked much or hasn’t started a task for long, you can easily inform them. Let them know that a certain task under them is still pending that is hampering the progress of the project.

  • Meeting Deadlines

One complaint that many stakeholders have in common is how projects aren’t completed in time. This not only delays their aim of achieving good profits once the project is complete but also leads to resource wastage or project failure.

To overcome this dilemma, software development project leads can add deadlines for each task. This will ensure timely completion of the project before or when the due date arrives. A clear project completion record is sure to bring in more clients later.

  • Share & Exchange Ideas

With an easy project management software, it is simple to collaborate with different teams and departments. You can share or exchange ideas for a particular task and leave a comment on it. Clients can also stay updated on all the ideas that your team plans on implementing to maintain the quality of the project.

  • Stay Up-To-Date with Latest Feature Requests

There is no way that you’ll launch the software without testing it before-hand. After all, you need to see what all features need an update to make sure users have a delightful experience. But to stay updated with latest feature requests, the project management software will turn out to be a beneficial addition.

Your stakeholders can update each request that’ll help you improve the product further. And all recent updates are easily tracked through an email notification. Not only do they tell you to improve the software, but also act as a reminder that you need to work on them soon.

  • Remote Team Management

If you have remote teams on-board, then keeping them updated with latest changes and work assignments can be tough. It further becomes a challenge if you fail to track their individual performance too. That’s when you’ll ask “how do I manage all this?”.

That’s simple. Integrate a project management tool. It’ll help you assign them work, keep them updated with latest changes made to the scope of the project, and also track their performance hassle-free. When a PM tool helps you do all that, then not getting one integrated is out of the question.

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Let's Summarize

For every project, a manager or team lead may come across various challenges. This is also true in case of software development teams too. And, they’ll seek, not many but, one tool that helps them manage all the upcoming challenges easily. This is where a project management tool can help them out.

But understand that a project management software solution not only helps them overcome challenges, it also helps them boost their performance and productivity simultaneously. With a tool that helps you fulfill various needs, there is no way you can’t get it on-board to garner as many benefits as possible.


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