Go Amber! The New Project Status

Go Amber! The New Project Status

It’s been a while since we blogged, and that’s because we’ve been busy working on a new and massive update. In the meantime we thought we’d add a few little teasers to keep you on the edge of your seats.

One of those little ‘teaser features’ we thought we’d add is the new Amber Status which has been requested quite a few times and adds a whole new depth to your project and task management.

Lets say you have a project that is active and on-going, then after a few weeks when the project is ready to invoice you set the status to Red (the old way of doing things in ProProfs Project). When it’s invoiced you might then complete the Project or Archive it.

In those situations the old Green and Red ‘traffic lights’ worked well, however in some situations (like with real traffic lights) you need to have an in-between status.

For example if you have a task that is high priority you could set it to Amber and move it to the top to indicate that it’s of the highest priority. Or you might have a project that is in between being signed off (Red) and active (Green) and you are waiting for administrators to approve it.

We don’t ever try to force a particular workflow upon you in ProProfs Project, we just leave room for you to make the system work for you in your situation, whatever that might be. The traffic light indicators are a great, versatile and fun way for you to manage your projects and tasks, without the hassle.

Stay tuned for the other updates which we hope to release over the next few weeks.

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