Fixed Price Projects and More

Fixed Price Projects and More

You can now create projects with a fixed price. Plus, we’ve added lots of other cool features to save you time and manage your business better.

It’s been a busy summer! Despite the distraction of the Olympics in London, we’ve been able to roll out some great features for you all. Although a lot of them are quite simple, they will help you manage your business better. We’ve got some even better features on the horizon but here’s some little things to whet your appetite.

Fixed Price Projects

Finally, a feature that’s been hugely requested. You can now set up fixed price projects, much like fixed price tasks. The advantage to this is it will simplify your billing process and tidy up the way you bill for your projects.

Some of you requested this feature because you have projects that have a fixed price (e.g. not affected by different tasks or time entries). You wanted a system where you could just enter the price of the project, enter the estimated number of hours to keep within the budget, and then a simple “Create Invoice” button (from the options menu) to pull that price and populate the invoice with one item – the project. That’s what we did for you.

Just enter the value in the Advanced Options of the add/edit project page, and you’ll be able to create fixed price projects. You also have the default option of “Billable Tasks” which means the tasks create the price of the project, or “Non-billable” to bypass the billing system altogether.

Quick View for Descriptions and Notes

Descriptions and Notes for projects and tasks can now be viewed and edited from within the interface directly, much like Due Dates and Users. This means that you can now actually copy and paste the text from the popup box. Whereas previously, you had to edit the project or task to get this text.

You can also edit the description or notes from this same popup box, making it quick and easy to add this extra level of detail to your projects and tasks.

Calendar Improvements

We’ve added the parent project to the description of tasks now, so when you see a task you’ll see the parent project. The same happens for sub-tasks (the parent task) so that you can see what project or task the item in the calendar is for.

This is particularly useful for those who emailed us saying that they often have the same name for tasks and find it difficult to see which project the task belongs to. This should help you a lot when using the calendar view.

Switch off Project Comments

You can now switch off the ability to post comments on projects. This is useful for those who don’t want the team to post comments on a project which the clients might be viewing and encourages discussions to happen at a task level instead.

Also you can optionally set it so that only the project managers and administrators can post comments or files for a project. This feature is available in the Advanced Options section of the add/edit project page.

Round Billable Time to the Hour

You can now set the billable time to be rounded to the hour, not just half hour or quarter of an hour. This feature is available in the My Company preferences page. If you want to switch rounding off, altogether this is an option too, then your billable time will be exact to the minute.

User Name in Exports

Exported time entries will now show the name of the user in the last column of the export. This was requested by many of you who needed a CSV (spreadsheet) of the time entries and needed to see the name of the user for whom the time entry belonged. You can export entries using the Export Time Entries button at the bottom of the page when on the Timesheets tab.

Time Summary Report

We’ve added a new report for Time Summary. This report will go through each project and show the total amount of time tracked, with a breakdown of the tasks in each project. This is useful for those who just want a complete time summary without the level of detail of some of the other reports.

We’ve also added an All Clients option, and All Users option to the other reports to produce better, more detailed reporting.

Project Description in Tasks View

When you view the tasks for your project you can now see a description of the project there too. This can be particularly useful to those collaborating on the project. You can include a general overview of the project, links to various documents, and other useful information on the project without the need to go to the Public Project Page to view this description. If the description is long, just click the View More button to expand the description.


We’re looking at improving the speed of ProProfs Project. We’re aware that some of you with large amount of projects, tasks and clients are experiencing slow-downs when trying to access this data. We’ve invested a lot more into the data infrastructure and will be working on improving the code behind the application line by line. This will maximise the speed of page loads. So bear with us on this, but hopefully in a couple of weeks you’ll notice some massive changes!

Thanks for using ProProfs Project and have a great rest of your summer!

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