Eager to Integrate With Your Favourite Apps?

Eager to Integrate With Your Favourite Apps

Zapier is a superb web application and now ProProfs Project integrates with it, you can leverage its power to bring many of your existing apps together. It really is a time-saving tool and can save hours a week which in turn means you can get on with earning money!

Basecamp and ProProfs Project

Basecamp is used the world over and it’s probably one of the most widely used collaboration tools due to its simplicity. However, that simplicity means it does lack a lot of features that many other tools have as standard.

For example, although it allows you to allocate tasks to people, you can’t allocate sub-tasks and you can’t measure time against them for billing. This all has to be done from third-party tools, such as, you guessed it, ProProfs Project!

ProProfs Project is absolutely superb at allocating tasks and measuring the amount of time spent on them by your team. However, if your managers or other team members insist on creating all their new projects in Basecamp, you need to be aware of it. That’s where Zapier comes in:

Really, it’s that simple.

ProProfs Project and MailChimp

When you take on a new client, the chances are you’re going to want to contact them. That’s fine, but when you take on lots of clients, you may feel the need to engage with them more regularly, perhaps through a regular newsletter.

Of course, every time you get a new client, you don’t want to be spending all that time adding their details to one system then another, surely? Good, you don’t have to!

When a new client is added to ProProfs Project, the details will be automatically passed over to the mailing list in MailChimp. Extremely easy and extremely fast.

Gmail and ProProfs Project

One final one today and it involves a very common scenario.

One of the biggest problems with running a project is when someone, rather than use the allocated software, sends you a task to do in email. Yep, they could just allocate the task, that’d be the easy way, but they’re old school.

OK, we can solve that.

If you’re using Gmail as your client, you can have emails with certain labels automatically create tasks for you in ProProfs Project. First of all, set up a new label in Gmail that you’ll use for a particular project.

We’ll be using one called “Fusion”.

Then, start creating your integration:

So we’re telling Zapier to wait for an email with a particular label.

Then, in the next two steps you join up Gmail and ProProfs Project.

Now tell Zapier what to look for, in this case a new email with a particular label:

Then you tell ProProfs Project what to do:

In this case I’ve chosen the Subject of the email to be the task name, manually selected my project and added the date and body of the email as fields in the task.

And what does this look like?

Well here’s the email as it comes through in Gmail:

And here’s what it looks like in ProProfs Project:

As you can see, this really is a big move for ProProfs Project and opens up many new avenues for collaborative working, regardless of the technology being used.

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