Convert Estimates to Projects

Convert Estimates to Projects

In an effort to improve your workflow and make running your business even easier, we've added a simple but powerful feature to convert estimates to projects

We had a few suggestions for this feature because a lot of you said that the first thing you would often do when you had a new project was create a proposal first, and then once approved you would then set up a project. However the only way to do that previously was creating the project first and then building the estimate off of the project, however this wasn't optimal workflow for a lot of you, so we went ahead and improved it.

Now you can create the estimate, and when your client approves it click the options button and then click "Convert to Project". Your project will be created with tasks based off the line items within the Estimate. The project name will get carried over from the Estimate, along with the description, currency, hourly rate and so on. All you'll need to do is invite your users and then get time tracking!

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