Collaboration Update and an SSL

Collaboration Update and an SSL

Your requests have been heard once again. In this new update there are various improvements to the collaboration system but also (and probably more importantly) we now have an SSL!

What is an SSL?

An SSL certificate provides extra security when using project but also secures your public facing invoices and estimates. Now when you go to your Invoice and Estimate page you will see a padlock and authentication information to show that the page is secure.

The SSL is forced on these pages as well as the login and sign up pages, but is switched off once you are logged in to ensure that everything runs quickly.

Your clients will be pleased to see this layer of authentication when you send them invoices. Even though they aren’t actually paying through ProProfs Project it will hopefully make them feel much more secure about dealing with you, and ultimately paying for your invoices. So it’s a good thing.

What else is new?!

I wanted to improve the collaboration system as I found it wasn’t working amazingly well for me personally, but also a lot of you also were making suggestions.

  • Collaborators can now add tasks
  • Non-project-members can now have tasks assigned to them
  • You can now share comments on Tasks (as well as projects)
  • To-dos are now shared
  • Notes becomes “My Notes”, indicating that they’re for personal use
  • Notes can now be made on shared projects and tasks

Note: even though collaborators can add tasks, once saved they become property of the project owner so only project owners can edit the tasks once they have been created. This will be improved over time.

Anything else?


  • Speed of page loads now improved from 4 seconds to 0.8
  • Various bug fixes
  • Fixed a notorious white screen login bug
  • To-do and Task count now more helpful (e.g. 0/5)

We have also secured a deal with Rackspace to get cloud hosting (basically 100% up-time), and a dedicated server. The migration will happen shortly.

Hope you enjoy! Please make a contribution for this month (February/March) if you use project for commercial use.

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