Better Invoices and Faster Project Management

Better Invoices and Faster Project Management

ProProfs Project is now faster than ever, with some new features to make your project management and invoicing even better. Read on to find out what’s new in November.

We’re always looking to make your project management and invoicing experience in ProProfs Project fast, efficient and friendly. So recently we’ve been working a lot in the area of improving speed and user experience (making the interface even easier to use). We’ve also added a few small features and fixed a few bugs.

Better Invoice Templates

We’ve improved the way that data on invoices (and estimates) is displayed. In particular, we’ve added a tax column so that you can see the itemized tax, which was a big request from some of you. Also there is a new and improved totals box at the bottom which is much easier to read.

Improved PDF Exports

Previously we had some issues with special characters and also some bold text wasn’t always appearing in PDFs due to limitations with the software we were utilizing. This has now been improved and bold text is now rendered correctly in PDFs. Also there is a general improvement to the way text and layout is presented. This will be a big win for a lot of you who use PDF reports and send PDF invoices to clients.

Global Timer Indicator

Have you ever been timing a task and then forgot to turn it off, only to find the next time you log in that you’ve tracked a couple of days worth of time accidentally? This should no longer be a problem as there’s now a new timer indicator near the global menu (top right) which will appear whenever you time a task. You’ll also get a reminder on the Dashboard, and a notification if you try logging out without stopping the timer.


We’ve been working a lot on improving the speed of ProProfs Project, making it faster for you to manage your projects and tasks. For example, when changing the assignment of tasks or the due date of a project, you’ll notice a huge speed increase as it will only refresh that single project or task, not the whole list.

We’ve also improved the general speed of the application and are continuing to improve in this area. Hopefully you won’t notice; you’ll just be able to manage your projects quickly without even thinking about it!


You may have noticed already that we’ve been adding a few useful articles on our blog to help you stay ultra productive and thrive as a business. We really want to go beyond just providing an awesome online project management tool and actually provide helpful resources and content on our website. We aim to have a few articles every month, so stay tuned to the blog (there’s an RSS feed you can subscribe to on the right) for the next article.

What else are you working on?

We’ve got a lot planned for the next few months with a major update early next year. In the short term we’ll be continuing to improve the speed of the application by adding some pagination to the project and task pages, so those with hundreds of projects or tasks will not have to load them all in one go.

Next year, in the big update, we’re hoping to enable the ability to attach files to emails, have multiple files in comments, improve the calendar by adding multi-day events, and improve the reporting, the search and the CRM functionality. We also want to connect with other third party apps, such as CRMs, invoicing tools, and other project management systems via the API.

Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages for more updates.

Enjoy and stay productive!

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