Why ProProfs Project is The Best Project Management Software for Marketing Teams?

Best Project Management Software for Marketing TeamsIf I ask you, what is the most important thing that drives a brand to success, what will you say?

  • Brand awareness?
  • Customer satisfaction?
  • Increased sales?
  • all of the above?

Well, the other aspect most people overlook is consistency.

A company needs to hit the mark time and again to make sure it remains successful. That’s where marketing teams come into the picture.

Have you heard about the Starbucks mobile app? Let’s jog your memory…

In 2011, Starbucks introduced “Starbucks Card Mobile” to streamline its payment process. Its customers had to download the application and that’s it! When they went to a Starbucks outlet, all they had to do was scan a QR code and their payment was automatically made.

Online PaymentWith over 6,800 Starbucks outlets nationwide that used this marketing strategy, this idea led to an increase in customer base to about 3 million users!

Why was the Starbucks app such a success and what was the basic idea to implement it?

The app not only made the payment process extremely simple, but it also increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key Takeaway:

A good marketing team and strategy can go a long way in making a big name for your brand.

But, even when you have a good marketing team, there are multiple risks can lead to strategy failures. A few such situations include:

  • Unclear strategy
  • Inefficient team collaboration
  • Delayed strategy implementation
  • Inaccurate research for creating a marketing strategy

With so many situations that can hinder the performance of marketing teams, how do you minimize it?

Two words – ProProfs Project!

ProProfs Project is a simple and easy to use project management system that helps you to streamline workflow, team communication, and stakeholder management irrespective of organization size. Whether you work for a startup or an enterprise, this project management platform is bound to improve the overall performance of your organization. 

But, why ProProfs Project? Let’s dig a little deeper into the benefits of using this project management software for marketing departments.

Reasons Why ProProfs Project is Ideal Marketing Project Management Software

Adopting the best project management software for marketing teams is the ideal way to not only streamline workflow, but also improve team collaboration and enhance team performance.

Let’s see why this project management software is ideal for marketing teams:

Reasons Why ProProfs Project is Ideal Marketing Project Management Software

Reason #1: Manage Multiple Marketing Campaigns Efficiently

Marketing teams have numerous campaigns and strategies to implement simultaneously, they could easily lose track or overlook some important deadlines.

Manage Multiple Marketing CampaignsThat’s why adopting a project management software for marketing teams, such as ProProfs Project, is a great choice for not only seeing all your campaigns on one dashboard, but also:

  • seeing who is working on what
  • tracking campaign progress
  • setting start and end dates for multiple campaigns
  • checking total vs estimated duration to implement the strategy

Key Takeaway:

With ProProfs Project, you can manage all your marketing campaigns and access all campaign-related information on a single dashboard!

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Reason #2: Collaborate With Your Marketing Team in Real-Time

team collaboration

When it comes to team collaboration, marketing teams need:

  • to work alongside the sales team
  • coordinate with multiple teams
  • create and implement the perfect marketing campaign

However, it is extremely difficult to efficiently collaborate with everyone in real-time. To tackle this issue, it is essential to adopt a team collaboration software like ProProfs Project. The software helps into:

  • smoothly interact with all the teams anytime, anywhere
  • assign roles and permissions hassle-free
  • set reminders regarding due dates
  • receive email notifications about campaign updates

Key Takeaway:

Marketing project management tools help in streamlining workflow and ensuring seamless communication among marketing teams in real-time.

Try ProProfs Project Collaboration Software to Collaborate With Your Team >>

Reason #3: Track Marketing Strategy Implementation On-the-go

Task tracking

The best recipe for strategy implementation is to track the entire process, right from project creation to completion. It is essential to see:

  • who is working on what
  • how much time does it take for the team to complete a project
  • how much time does each team member take to complete one task

But it can be extremely hectic and time-consuming to manually keep track of everything. The ideal way out is to utilize a project management tool for marketing teams that offers marketing project tracking feature. This helps you to:

  • check whether all deadlines are met
  • set start and end dates for multiple projects
  • track the total time taken to complete one strategy

Key Takeaway:

Tracking time spent on one project or campaign helps in understanding the pain-points of your marketing team. As a result, you can analyze the issues and train your team to enhance team performance.

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Reason #4: Centralize Your Workflow & Operations

Centralize Your Workflow & Operations

Having all your marketing documents on one platform is the ideal way to centralize your workflow and marketing operations.

ProProfs Projects features:

...and a lot more to provide one platform for everything.

Key Takeaway:

Never lose any important pitch or marketing document by adopting a marketing project management software for small teams (or even large teams!) to centralize your workflow.

Adopt ProProfs Project – the Best Project Management Software for Marketing Departments!


Every team, especially marketing teams need the best PM software that helps streamline workflow and improve team collaboration.

Among many others, ProProfs Project is one project management software for marketing agencies that offers all the features needed to manage all your marketing requirements effortlessly!

Now that we have an idea about why ProProfs Project is the best free project management software, let’s cover a few FAQs on "project management for marketing teams":

Q. How do you manage a marketing project?

Managing a marketing project is not simple. But, with the right approach, you can manage multiple marketing projects easily. A few things to remember include creating a simple marketing plan implementation strategy, defining accurate marketing project goals, prioritizing, and defining all your requirements. You also need to have a thorough marketing plan execution strategy and monitor project implementation and team productivity to ensure efficient marketing project tracking and management.

Q. What does a project manager do in marketing?

A Marketing Project Manager specializes in planning, managing and executing projects related to marketing campaigns. They are responsible for identifying all the tasks that need to be completed within a marketing campaign. With that they create a strategic plan to reach an organizations’ goal.

Q. How do you manage a marketing team?

Managing marketing teams is tiresome, but following a few rules and tips can help ease the process. A few tips to remember include ensuring transparent team communication, resolving team conflicts properly and completely, involving teams in projects right from the start, and giving value to their feedback.

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