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We’ve just improved the user permissions system allowing for greater flexibility. You can now assign permissions for users to view Reports and Timesheets.

Another great suggestion we had recently was to give users, not just administrators, the ability to create reports, for example a client who might want to generate their own reports, or a team member so they can see how many hours they worked this month. We listened, and built in the new feature.

The beauty of the new Reports Permission is that it will still take in to consideration the projects and tasks that the user has access to (marking the report if it’s based on limited data), so that you can still restrict the data that the user can report on. Alternatively you can just give administrators the Reports Permission, like usual, and allow them to report on everything.

You can also now customize the access users have to the Timesheets system, whereas before it was given to all roles except the Client role. This allows greater flexibility for those wanting users to have access to the Timesheets system or to deny access altogether. For example, you might not want any of your team to track time, or you might use another system for tracking time.

We’ve also simplified the way you invite users and assign permissions to them by hiding the more advanced features and just having the Role dropdown when you add a user. This will automatically populate the permissions for the user, for example the Client role will not allow time tracking. You can customize these permissions by clicking the Advanced Options button, which also shows the Lock to Client feature.

New ‘Limited Access’ Permission for Timesheets

We just added the ability to set limited access for the new Timesheet user role. If you’ve ever wanted to allow users to track time but not be able to view/edit the time entries manually, then this role is perfect for that scenario. Just edit the user as normal, then select “Limited Access” from the Timesheets dropdown.

The users with Limited Access will be able to use the timer on the Tasks page to track time, but won’t be able to access the Timesheets tab to add/edit time entries manually.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy!

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