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We’ve added the ability to add descriptions to your time entries. This is really useful for those wanting to track exactly what they did on a particular day and build it into reports.

We’re excited about this feature because although it’s pretty simple it adds a lot of power to the time tracking system. Your team can now describe the actions they performed on a particular day when adding a time entry. Useful for freelancers who want to know what they did on a certain day, also useful for large teams where administrators need to see what their collaborators have been working on each day.

  1. Simply click the Add Entry button from the top right
  2. Select a date
  3. Enter your hours (e.g. ‘2 hours’)
  4. Then enter your description in the box below
  5. Click Save

Your new time entry will have a green border and when you hover over the entry you will see the description. Please note that you can only have one entry per day, so if you want to edit the description just set the amount of time to zero, click the Add Entry button again, then enter your new description.

Your descriptions will also show up in Project and Task reports.

We hope you enjoy this new feature!

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