Track Where Learners Spend Most of Their Time

Track TimeWith ProProfs, you can now trace the time learners spend on every page of your training course. Our new feature lets you to not only see the total time taken by your learner on the overall course, but also analyze how much time they spent on every page as well. With this data, you can examine and break down the time spent on each page or learning module and get crucial insights about your learner.



Let’s dive in and see how this works:

It’s simple.

Select any course report in your dashboard that you’d like to analyze


Under ‘Reports’, you will find a ‘Time Taken’ field that allows you to examine how much time learners spent on every page of the course.

Time Taken Table

Select the report you wish to get more details on. A pop-up will open to tell you exactly how much time was spent on every page of the course.

Time Spend on Page
How does this help?

  • Improve your Course: For one, you can determine the page that learners are spending the most time on. As the author, you can use this information and simplify the details on the page; provide explanations that make the contents easy and significantly improve the course.
  • Personalized Feedback: For different learners, you can easily establish which areas or pages are most difficult for them. With this knowledge, you can reach out and help individual learners by offering feedback or explanations that are exclusively for them.
  • Track Progress: You can track learners’ progress by comparing their earlier reports with new ones and check if there is any difference or improvement in their performance.

  • Meet compliance: You can add videos into your training and ensure that learners watch it fully. In case the learner has only seen the first minute of the video and ignored the rest, you can check the same and advice him to watch it completely in order to meet compliance.

 Try the new feature today and see how small changes can have big impacts!


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