Meet Compliance Training Requirements with ProProfs

Corporate Compliance TrainingWhether you’re a business looking to create a certification course on internal company policies, or an institution that has accreditation requirements, ProProfs Compliance Certificate feature helps you easily create certification courses for meeting your compliance requirements.

No organization today can disregard the importance of compliance training. Every organization needs to train its employees on a number of areas starting with company-wide policies and procedures to new regulations and practices in their areas of specialization. Employees must be educated on company laws, regulations and policies through courses such as workplace safety training and sexual harassment training, to name a few. Though organizing such a training is not easy, what’s more difficult is making sure that employees meet compliance, especially in high-churn environments such as in a manufacturing or a construction company.

Create Compliance Training

How does ProProfs Compliance Certificate help my organization meet compliance requirements?

Set Certificate Expiry Dates – You can set compliance training certificate expiry dates so that employees can re-take the compliance training at a later time, when the certificate expires.

Automatically Notify Employees – When the certificate expires, new or even old employees are immediately sent a notification informing them to take or retake the training, depending on the requirement.

Easily Manage Periodic Re-certification – As a trainer, you can easily schedule periodic re-certification for all employees and meet compliance requirements through qualification-based training.

Looking to create a compliance certification course? Try our ProProfs Training Maker


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