Create Online Classrooms with ProProfs for Easy Learner Management

online classroomTo enhance your e-learning experience, ProProfs has introduced online classrooms. Now you can create online classrooms to offer a central place for all your learners for accessing all their assigned quizzes or courses.



What is an Online Classroom?

By creating an online classroom with ProProfs, you offer a secure & centralized way to assign quizzes & courses to your learners. The learner logs into the online classroom with their secure & unique username / password. Once logged in they can see all the quizzes or courses you need them to take. They can also see what they have completed in the past including accessing their past scores, certificates, etc
ProProfs Online Classrooms

Key Benefits Of Creating Online Classrooms:

  • Easily teach & track the progress of large groups of learners
  • Save time by centrally assigning course or quiz assignments
  • Motivate learners to complete assignments with friendly reminders
  • Send a single link to learners for accessing quizzes and courses
  • Protect your quizzes and courses with secure rights of access
  • Centralized portal helps learners self-access their learning
  • Instantly send email notifications to Groups or Users

1.Easily teach & track the progress of large groups of learners

Once you create an online classroom with ProProfs, you can create Users and Groups, to organize and manage large batches of learners from a central location. You can separate learners as individual Users or club them into Groups.  To create users simply enter email ids of learners (or student/employee ids). You can also create bulk accounts of learners by uploading from an excel sheet. This creates secure individual usernames & password for each learner. You can also track the progress of learners by viewing the reports and statistics for each User or a Group. These are additional reports that are available in classroom feature that show you all completed as well as pending activity for a user or a group.

To know more about how to create User and Groups and view their reports, see the video below:

2.Save time by centrally assigning course or quiz assignments

Once you organize learners into  Groups, you can quickly manage assignment of multiple quizzes or courses to them from a central place, instead of having to repeatedly assign the same course or quiz to different learners, one at a time. With all your courses and quizzes located in a central place, simply select which groups get access to which quizzes or courses. All members of the group will be able to access any quiz/course assigned to the group that they are a member of. For instance if you create a group for all students in particular class, simply assign the quizzes to the group and all students in that class will get access to it. Similarly you can create groups like “sales team” or “new hires” and assign courses to the group. Any member of the group gets access to the group assignments right away saving you hours of time.
ProProfs Online Classrooms

3.Motivate learners to complete assignments with friendly reminders

The lack of supervision is considered to be a primary drawback of online classrooms. However, with ProProfs online classrooms you can not only supervise your learners but also motivate them. In the User and Group sections of a classroom, you will be able to view detailed reports of the quizzes or courses that have been taken or are pending for each learner or a group. You can quickly send a reminder to individual learners or a group, if you see that they have not completed the courses and quizzes assigned to them.
Online classrooms

4.Send a single link to learners for accessing quizzes and courses

An online classroom is a centralized system through which you can grant access to your quizzes and courses, to any learner. But how exactly do you grant access to a learner/s? It’s a simple and swift process. You just send a single link to the learner. The learner always logs in using that single link to access any course or quiz.

Let’s say you need to share 15 quizzes. Instead of sending 15 links to each student, just send them the link to the classroom.  When they log into the classroom, all quizzes accessible to them will appear in a list – ready for their access.

You can also send out bulk emails to a group with the classroom link. This way you do not waste your time and effort in manually sending a link to every learner. ProProfs online classrooms allow you to send a link with just a single click of a button.
online classrooms

5.Protect your quizzes and courses with secure rights of access

Though your learners can access your online classroom from anywhere, anytime and from any device, they can only do so if they have secure rights of access. ProProfs allows you to create a unique username & password for each learner, which only they know. No one, not even the learner will be allowed to access your online classroom without providing these details. Moreover you can edit user details, change passwords or revoke access at anytime.
online classrooms

6.Centralized portal helps learners self-access their learning

Your online classroom is more than just a library through which learners can access all the quizzes and courses that you have created. It’s more importantly a central place, where your learners can view detailed reports and key statistics which help them to self-access their learning progress. They can view the different quizzes and courses they have taken, the time they took to complete the test, their scores, their past certificates,  as well as a full score report.
how to view reports in online classrooms

7.Instantly send email notifications to Groups or Users

With ProProfs online classrooms, you can connect with your learners any time you want. The email notification feature in your online classroom allows you to send instant messages to learners informing them about a new course or quiz that you have created. The best part is that you can send bulk emails to many learners with just a single click of a button. It’s that easy.
online classroom

To get started with your online classroom, create a test or create an online course now.

How to view your online classroom in ProProfs

Step 1. Go to My Quizzes/Courses screen and click on My Classroom.

Online Classroom For Quizzes

Step 2. Click on User to create individual student/learner accounts.

Online Classroom For Quizzes

Step 3. Click on Groups to organize users into groups (such as classes or teams).

Online Classroom For Quizzes

Step 4 In Groups, Go to “Edit” and click on “Courses/Quizzes Assigned” and select the courses/quizzes you want to assign and then click on “Save”

Online Classroom For Quizzes
Online Courses

Step 5. Go to “My Classroom” and Click on “Preview Classroom” to see how classroom appears to learners

Preview Online Classrooms

Step 6. Go to Groups and Click on “Email Group” to send login information to students.

online clasrooms
online classrooms

Step 7. Log in to your classroom, Select “Archive” and click on any quiz or course to view your full report.

online classrooms
online classrooms
online classrooms

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