Online Learning Space: Why Teachers Should Use It

online-learning-space-why-teachers-should-use-itTeaching in a traditional fashion, in a closed of classroom with students sitting and listening to a teacher is slowly becoming obsolete. With the massive worldwide adoption of the web at the start of the 2000s, a lot of brand new learning technologies were developed, allowing learners and teachers alike to have an alternative experience.

That being said, a lot of people still have an aversion towards online learning and they aren’t aware of just how many benefits there are of teaching students in an online environment. Apart from the fact that online learning helps students learn as effectively, if not even better than in a traditional environment, students are also engaged with the content, and they also acquire the knowledge in a way that is more fun and interesting to them.

online learning spaceThese are only the general benefits of online learning, and there are many other benefits that might not be visible at first. To help you understand its true value, we have created a list of reasons why you should use an online learning tool to provide the best experience to your students.


Improved level of collaboration

Improved level of collaborationIn a traditional classroom setting, a teacher gives lectures and valuable information to students and the students are usually quiet most of the time; they simply try to listen and absorb all of the knowledge which is being shared during the class.

In most traditional learning settings the level and quality of collaboration is usually quite low, and in some cases the environment simply allows for no collaboration between students whatsoever. On the other hand, online learning spaces mostly naturally encourage collaboration between students because of the way they are designed.

All eLearning solutions offer students the option to share valuable documents and resources, leave comments on their work and achievements, discuss ideas and different approaches, and work together on creating better results – collaborate. One of the simplest tools that offers these benefits is Google Docs and it’s free to use.

This is a simple to use environment where students can upload documents, work on them, leave comments, notes, share those documents with others and edit them as well, if they are allowed. On top of that, they can all see the changes that someone else did and see that person’s approach to fixing issues and learn from their style.

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How Students Can Benefit from Online Education

Improved engagement

In the digital age we live in everyone is surrounded with various gadgets that are able to connect to the internet, and we use them on regular basis for various purposes. All of these gadgets can be used for online learning as they can interact with a variety of eLearning authoring software tools.

Allowing your students to use the gadgets they rely on regularly helps them relate to the content that is given to them, and the way this content is presented sparks more interest in the subject matter. Students will find it easier to interact with the material and understand what is in front of them.

Simply put, your students will have less barriers to overcome and the whole learning setting will feel pleasant and natural, as opposed to a traditional classroom setting where the whole experience is linear and limited. A person will have a much easier time learning the material if he or she is able to connect with it and stay engaged.

When you have students who are enjoying their learning experience and “having fun”, you will be able to make better progress with them. There are various quizzes, visual tools, images, and videos that will keep your students interested and their thirst for knowledge satisfied.

Managing and tracking learning courses is better

Managing and tracking learning courses is betterAn eLearning authoring tool not only improves the learning experience of students, but it also helps us teachers organize ourselves better and do our jobs more efficiently. Besides the fact that most learning is done by the students themselves, there is still a need for a professional teacher who will guide all students through their learning experience and monitor how they are performing.

Most learning management solutions have an abundance of features and tools that you can use to create customized experiences and track your student’s performance more easily. For example, most LMS tools have learning record stores within them and their purpose is to automatically track and store the learning path someone took.

This data is stored in the learning record store that the teachers can use to assess how someone’s progress is going and what their preferred learning style is. On top of that, you will also have all the data showing how someone did on tests, other relevant courses, quizzes etc.

Online learning spaces offer more individuality

Online learning spaces offer more individualityLike we’ve mentioned before, a traditional learning environment presumes a big amphitheatre or a classroom filled with a lot of people, where everyone listens to a single teacher. This means that there is very little room for teachers to approach students individually, because then they wouldn’t have the time to go through all the material.

An online learning environment allows all users to have the freedom to nurture their own learning style and rely on methods and information they like. Their learning is in their own hands and they do everything at their own pace, without having to follow their teacher at all times. Students usually have access to all the courses or tests they have to accomplish on their own.

After they’ve finished them, teachers can look at their results, their methods and approaches they took, and create future lessons where they can approach every single student accordingly. Students won’t be limited by anyone and teachers will be able to give them tasks and assignments which are suitable for their current knowledge on a certain subject.

When you consider how old the traditional way of learning is and how young online learning is, you can see that eLearning has amazing potential and that it will only get better in the future. At this moment, it surpasses traditional learning in many ways, but it will only improve as time passes, so everyone should get on board with it soon to get the best results possible.


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