How to Complete Mandatory Training on a Shoestring Budget

budgetAn ongoing challenge for anyone involved in providing training for their organization is completing mandatory training on a shoestring budget. With many companies operating on tight training budgets, training departments are challenged with the responsibility of delivering effective, quality training on a practically non-existent training budget. So, how do you provide quality learning experiences and complete mandatory training on a shoestring budget?

Quality training on a shoestring budget

Build or develop elearning solutions yourself using a low-cost program that gives you all the tools you need. Using such an eLearning platform you can develop robust programs at a fraction of the cost of most elearning software. However, while selecting a low-cost elearning program make sure that it includes the features mentioned below:

The elearning solution should allow you to easily create and design eLearning courses.

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Course Management, Customization & Branding

  • Easily manage content by uploading different kinds of online content to a centralized location
  • Create custom course completion certificates and brand them with your own logo and colors
  • Brand your company by changing the font and colors to the courses and embed the course or quiz on your website with your own logo and colors

The elearning program should be easily accessible to users from many types of devices and compatible with various kinds of software

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Accessibility & Compatibility

  • Supports multiple platforms and browsers and can be accessed from multiple devices
  • Cutting edge technology that flawlessly converts all PDFs and PowerPoint and Word documents to HTML5
  • Allows learners to access training courses from their smartphones and mobile devices

The elearning program should be fully managed service and allow you to focus on creating a great course, while leaving technology, online marketing / SEO, e-commerce infrastructure and even delivery and support to the vendor.

Simplicity & Ease of Use

  • No additional software to access courses across mobile, iPad, PC, etc.
  • Automated grading which enables faster feedback to learners and decreases trainer workload
  • The elearning program should be an integrated program which allows you to create online courses, assessment, surveys and more.

The elearning program should allow you to create various reports and statistical information such as: course reports, user and group reports, question-difficulty reports, time -spent reports and compliance reports.

Reports & User Management

  • Has virtual classrooms that enable learners to choose their own study time
  • Online classrooms enable instructors to automate the process of assigning courses and assessments to learners
  • Advanced learner tracking features enable companies to check compliance reports to monitor if their employees have met their training schedules and deadlines

This exhaustive elearning program should have ecommerce integration capability that enables you to earn money, in a risk-free way without any lock you in.

Ecommerce Integration

  • Supports multiple credit cards
  • Pricing options
  • Store and checkout page branding
  • Sales dashboard
  • Marketing support

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