Key Signs That Prove You are Good at Content Marketing

Content Marketing
It would be nice to have a huge team of copywriters, graphic designers and professional outreachers.

But for most of us, the day to day reality of content marketing is rather less dynamic.

There you are day in day out, writing and putting efforts to promote your latest piece of content that you’re sure is going to be groundbreaking. On the other hand, many of your competitors are not creating much content  And when they do, it not up to the mark and is of poor quality.

So what does this mean? Maybe you’re good at content marketing compared to others. Maybe it’s just a question of time before you hit the jackpot.

So here are some pointers to help you see whether all your hard work will pay dividends.

Sign #1 - It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

You’re patient.

You’re not expecting overnight results. You instinctively understand that content marketing takes time to get results.

You know that you need to focus on building relationships and that can’t be hurried.

But what really motivates you is knowing that most of your competitors aren’t doing this stuff and when they eventually do you’ll be so far ahead of them that it’ll take ages for them to catch up.

Sign #2 - You Focus On Building Relationships

Building Relationships
You know that your success depends on your network. This isn’t something you can do on your own.
That’s why you allocate time every day to cultivate relationships with the people who can help you with the heavy lifting of promoting your content - your Influencers.

You look out for rising stars too and make sure that you’re on their radar as they the influencers of tomorrow.

You’ve identified them and keep their details close at hand. You follow them, you comment on their posts. In simple words, you help them to be successful.

You know that with their help it’s just a question of time before your content starts to pick up traction.

Sign #3 - You’re Not Re-Inventing The Wheel

You ignore the flavour of the month content and stick to proven content frameworks. You’re not looking for something earth shattering.

You prefer content that you know will work and you stick to it. That means content like Ultimate/Authority Guides, Content Comparison, List Based Content, Expert Roundups, Infographics, How To Content and even Buyer’s Guides.

You always make sure that it’s well researched, well written and always looks fantastic.

Sign #4 - You’ve Created A Buyer Persona

You know who your ideal customer is and you’ve created a buyer persona around them.

You don’t leave it to chance.

You know how old they are, where they live, what their aspirations, hopes and fears are. Your content is created based on your understanding of them.

The content you create aims to build trust so that you can develop a long-term relationship with them because you know that people rarely buy straight away.

Sign #5 - 20% Content Creation vs 80% Content Promotion

The only thing more important than creating content is promoting it. You understand that well-promoted content stands a much better chance of getting the shares, links and comments.

That’s why you stick to the 80:20 rule of content promotion vs content creation.

You’re not just sitting back pumping out content in the vague hope that it’ll get picked up. You’re actively out there promoting it.

Sign #6 - Great Headlines

You agree with David Ogilvy when he said that five times as many people read the headline as read the copy itself.

That’s why you use headline formulas that you know will work.

But equally as important you’ll always back up any claim you make in your headline. The last thing you want is to tease people with a great headline and then let them down with the content.

Sign #7 - You Curate Great Content

Content Marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You know you can’t take all the credit all of the time. That’s why you search for really great content and refer to it generously in your content.

You’re a curator of great content. This way you give your audience the best ideas and it helps you to develop relationships with the people whose content you refer to.

Sign #8 - You Believe In Visual Content

You understand that the social web prefers visual content.

That’s why you add a visual element to your content from the start.

You’re also prepared to invest in great graphics as opposed to free and stock images.

Sign #9 - All Roads Lead To Your Blog

Social Media is vital but you don’t live there all the time.

Your blog is a vital part of your business. It’s where you aim to drive your audience and that’s why you have a regular posting schedule and you post your best content there.

Sign #10 - You Repurpose Content

You know that creating new content takes time, effort and money. That’s why you always look to repurpose content to create maximum impact.

You also understand that your audience prefers to consume content in different ways and you respond to that by creating content in a variety of formats such as slides, pdfs, infographics, video and audio.

Sign #11 - You Keep Promoting After You’ve Published

You know that once a new piece of content is published that’s just the start. Of course, you’ll promote it on the day it’s published but you also keep promoting it one week, two weeks and even months into the future.

Sign #12 - You’re Building A List

Whilst you enjoy Content Marketing there’s a method behind everything you do and ultimately you understand that building a list means you’re creating a valuable asset for your business.

Your list helps you to deepen your relationship with your audience and also in the promotion.

Sign #13 - You’re Ambitious

You know that ultimately you need to get featured in industry leading publications and you strongly believe that you belong there.

You’re constantly looking for opportunities to be featured there and you’re building a portfolio of authority content which will open doors for you.

Sign #14 - You Automate Where Possible

If you’re going to manage all of your commitments you need help from tools to automate your content marketing as much as possible as they help you identify great content, maintain relationships and accelerate your outreach.

Sign #15 - You’re A Hustler

You understand that you need to get your content in front of the right audiences as possible.

So you’re prepared to hustle to get the eyeballs. But you understand that there is a fine line between hustle and hassle and you never, ever cross it.

Sign #16 - You Don’t Take ‘No’ Personally

You’re an optimist and you can handle rejection as well. It doesn’t faze you and you just move onto the next opportunity.

You’re confident that you’re a rising star and it’s just a matter of time before they’re beating a path to your door.

Sign #17 - You Enjoy It

More than anything though you just enjoy Content Marketing. You love the fact that you’re constantly developing new relationships and learning something new.


If you have these mentioned signs, it proves that you are focused on content marketing and want to make the best use of it.

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