How to Create Attractive Survey Email Subject Lines

Create Attractive Survey Email Subject LinesYou may be a marketer who sends numerous promotional emails to your clients regularly. But are you finding it difficult to break past the inbox barrier? It probably happens because your subject lines are not compelling enough.

Numerous emails pile up in a mail inbox every day, so your email subject line is the most important aspect of your communication. Particularly, consumers are averse to any surveys that don't add value to them. This makes the email subject line the cornerstone of your customer survey mail. It may either rouse your customer's interest or kill it off altogether. Let’s take a look at few tips for creating better email subject lines for surveys:

1. Keep the Subject Short

When your readers checks their mailbox, you just have a few seconds to capture your reader's attention and a long subject line does not help in that. Try and keep your subject lines limited to around 50 characters and stretch to a maximum of 60 characters only if it is absolutely necessary. Another factor you should remember is that most email browsers show only 50-60 characters at a time. If the reader doesn’t get your message within the characters shown, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll open your mail.

2. Don’t Use Fillers in the Subject Line

When writing a subject line avoid using filler words. Filler words are those terms that have no lexical context in the subject line. These include words like ‘Hey’, ‘okay’, ‘thank you’, etc. You have limited characters in the subject line to get your point across, so don’t use those characters with words that add nothing to the subject. Make it clear on what exactly it is you want from your survey taker.

3. Create a Sense of Urgency

Most of us are procrastinators, some more than others. So write your subject line in such a way that it creates a sense of urgency among your readers. The reader doesn’t necessarily have to answer it at that time, but it should create a belief that they need to take the survey as soon as possible.

4. Personalize Subject Lines

Personalize your subject lines to include the recipients' names. While it may not seem like much, but adding a personal touch can make a lot of difference. It gives the reader a sense of importance and a belief in the genuineness of your interest in their opinion. Personalize your subject lines based on these criteria:

  • Use the recipients' name in the subject line
  • Base the subject lines on their recent purchases. Focus on the specifics of their purchases. Don’t delay in sending relevant survey emails after purchases
  • Include the user's locations. If targeting consumers in a specific state/city mention the location

5. Incentivize the Survey

The consumer always thinks about “What's In It For Me (WIIFM)”. Offer the readers incentives to complete the survey. When the reader feels that completing the survey is worth the time spent on it they are more likely to open the mail. Many eCommerce sites have now made it a common practice to offer such incentives to consumers for completion of their surveys.

6. Don’t Try to Be Too Clever

Yes, everyone enjoys a little play on words or the occasional puns. But the trick here is to not be so clever with your subject line that people don’t get it on the first read. If a casual reader does not get the meaning in the first instance, it would be better not to use that line at all. Slight humor or quirkiness raises the curiosity of your readers, but if you overdo it, they will just skip it. Let the readers spend time enjoying what they read, not trying to figure out what you mean.

7. Ensure to Send from Your Own ‘from’ Address

Email readers see two things when they receive your email: the subject line and the sender's address name. Organizations that use mass mailing systems often let the ‘from’ address remain as the name of their mailing system. It may seem like a minor thing but let your customers know exactly who the mail is from. Add your name so that the customer knows its from you and is not from an organization unknown to them.

8. Proofread

 Probably the second most important part of your subject line, check and recheck your grammar before you send it out. The subject line is the only thing the user will read, so make sure you don’t make any errors in it.

Writing attractive and engaging survey subject lines is not a perfected method. This will take a lot of trials and errors to suit your customers. Every customer is different and so it may take many attempts to find the right format for the subject line. Use these tips to create a survey with an attractive subject line; feel free to tell us if you know any more useful tips.

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