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Introduction to Project Management- A Quick Guide

Being a newbie in the project management field can suck big time, especially if you have no clue on how to go about a certain process. It becomes worse when you are expected to deliver just like your predecessors when you don’t even know where to begin! But do not panic. We are here to...
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Simplifying Project Human Resource Management – A 101 for Managers

I get asked about project success criteria a lot, specifically about handling complex stages and elements of project management. So I thought let me start with handling the important and unpredictable elements crucial to project success- human resources.  Let’s understand the concept of human resources with the help of an example.  As a project manager,...
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What Is Cost Management in Project Management

Every new project comes as a delight to client-centric companies, as they get a golden opportunity to uplift their business growth. However, the factor that decides whether they will thrive or fail at the end is their project management efforts. It is very important to put in all the efforts with all your heart into...
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Change Management in Project Management- An Ultimate Guide

In the business world, nothing is more pleasant than a flourishing client relationship. To ensure long-term client relationships, you have to be at your best to deliver projects on the promised time. Whenever you fail to meet the delivery date, your brand is likely to face the heat afterward. Generally, businesses, especially small ones, miss...
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Key Elements & Components Of Project Management

Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised. These words, written by American writer and consultant Denis E. Waitley, pretty much sum up the essence of smart project management. To ensure professional, well-thought project management, it’s essential to take care of its key aspects.  While the elements of a project plan...
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What is Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in Project Management? Type & Guidelines

WBS (work breakdown structure) is a method to make complex projects more manageable. It means breaking down a project into tasks and subtasks so that there is no room for confusion in the future. This is usually practiced by project managers to simplify the process of execution of tasks during the scope of the project. ...
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What are Project Constraints and How to Manage Them

Working on a project is enough of a stress on its own – a whole bunch of tasks and ideas flying all over the place. Things can get especially tiresome and stressful in projects involving larger groups of people. However, things get really complicated with numerous common project constraints that you can stumble upon along...
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50+ Project Management Quotes to Learn From

Motivation knows no bounds. When we talk about project management, there are so many times and situations where teams, managers, or even stakeholders look for motivation on how to go about handling tough situations. Some look for strategies and tips, but sometimes reading a quote from a learned individual gives you all the clarity you...
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What Is Lean Project Management? It’s Origin, Principles & Benefits

In many ways, project management is a recent craft; but one that has learned a lot from the world of old manufacturing processes. And project managers are constantly finding ways to implement the knowledge and experiences of 20th-century manufacturing to contemporary project management. With that in mind – lean project methodology is a great example!...
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12 Critical Project Management Principles Every Business Owner Should Follow

Project management is a complicated yet crucial business practice. Getting projects isn’t a big deal, as managing and completing them on time is the factor that decides your credibility in the business. Imagine a scenario where you have multiple projects in hand, but you are struggling to complete them on time and in the promised...
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