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4 Project Management Skills Every Marketing Leader Should Master

During the Roman Empire, a lot of slaves were captured from the neighboring lands and thrown in a colosseum to fight till the death, in front of the people of Rome. Some of these were elite warriors, some were trained in their respective armies. But even after being titled as the “Gladiators”, they were defeated...
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Project Management Involved in Running a Digital Marketing Agency

Television news is an extremely fast-paced industry with breaking alerts happening 24 hours a day. Digital marketing would give the newsroom a run for its money considering the rapid pace of the online marketing world Website changes, paid advertising adjustments, SEO monitoring, link acquisition, social posting and article creation and distribution are the typical tasks...
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2016 Market Trends That Are Transforming Project Management

The landscape of project management is changing as the expectations of businesses, clients, and stakeholders keep rising. There is greater demand for PM knowledge, certifications, and training. The project management field is getting transformed because of alterations to business requirements and practices. The focus is on the employees, technologies, and processes required to successfully complete...
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Three Keys To Success In Project Management

  Have you ever wondered why a project fails? Most of us look up to successful project managers and their ideas to improve on our projects, but does it really help? I am not saying that it doesn’t, but there are many other resources to learn how to excel in the project management field which...
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Lost in the Social Media Wilderness

If you’re one of the many millions of consultants hoping to live the dream of working for yourself doing what you love, you’ll no doubt be aiming to use social media to get clients. However, many who try are often frustrated by the seemingly impossible task of building a great following. Are social networks really...
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Lock Users to Multiple Clients

You can now lock users to multiple clients (or departments) by simply ticking the the client you want to lock to from the Edit User page.Previously you could only lock a user to one client. This is because we built the system with the intention that the invited user would be a client who wants...
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Live Reports

Ever wanted to have a time report automatically update each week, or each month? Well you can achieve this now thanks to the new Live Reports feature. We’ve updated the reporting once again making it even more powerful. Not only have we added a few extra filters (which you might have noticed already), such as...
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Language Translation

We have a lot of international users requesting that ProProfs Project be translated in to different languages. We want to do this, and it’s possible – however it needs your help. Eventually I want to be able to have a Language Selection drop-down in the User Details page, and then that translates the website and...
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