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Emerging & Latest Project Management Trends That You Must Know

For any business to outgrow good and latest trends following system is necessary as it helps your business to stay in the market. Every business follows the most powerful strategy that revolves around an idea that if you are accepting any speed for your business then it is important you stay at the pace with...
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7 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Project Management Software

Ever felt like committing to a to-do app is tough? Well, try convincing your entire team to start using a project management solution and get them to use it diligently over the course of an entire project! A challenge most organizations face while looking for a good project management software: Find a solution that packs...
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5 Project Management Face-Palms You Need to Avoid

Project management is fine art. It requires attention to detail, while at the same time keeping perspective on the bigger picture. It’s no surprise then that many within the industry are floundering. Inefficiency is a constant, and with a number of companies I observe, I think to myself: where’s the larger sense of a project...
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Essentials of Task Delegation in Project Management 

In the world of business, time is money, meaning the more efficiently a project manager delegates tasks, the more the organization will prosper.     Conquering the market and ruling the industry is not a one man job. It takes a whole company to pursue the common goal of getting ahead of the competition. However, to...
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4 Easy Ways to Build a Collaborative Environment at Your Workplace

Healthy collaboration is one of the pillars of every successful workplace, and in order to achieve optimal efficiency, you will need to insist on collaboration. However, it is important to state that, just because everyone does their job and gets along with co-workers does not imply a high level of collaboration. Your goal should be...
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Do You Need Thought Leadership in Project Management?

Although thought leadership is one of the most commonly mentioned buzzwords in the corporate world, many people don’t quite understand what it actually is. They know that thought leaders are some kind of influencers who know exactly how to compel their audience to fall in love with their brands, how to cut through all the...
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Gamification with Project Management: Run your Business on Easy Mode

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to business, success is not marked by victory or defeat, yet it all comes down to how you play the corporate game. The industry is similar to a never-ending video game with new players entering the field, old players trying to get to the next level, and kings...
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Why Use Project Management Software: Top Benefits You Must Know

Even though nobody necessarily has to be a certified project manager to manage a project, it is essential for you to know the basics of it. Once you go through the principles of project management, your chances of successfully completing a  project will absolutely increase. The elementary knowledge about project management will help you better...
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5 Project Management Methodologies for Startup Businesses

Did you know that the percentage of startup businesses that survived the past five years was estimated at: It is evident that the percentage of startups that survive and make it to the next year has been decreasing. Why? The research gave us a little insight on this too. Startups fail due to the following...
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4 Game of Thrones Characters That Can Teach You About Leadership

Source Game of Thrones is a big show! How big you ask? Well, let’s just say that over 10 million people watched the season finale on HBO! And those are just the people who watched it on T.V. There are millions more who illegally download the torrents. It is the highest downloaded and searched T.V...
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