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Why is it Important for Businesses to use a Project Management Software?

Collaboration, constant communication, and correct resource allocation are the most crucial aspects of project management. But does each process is conducted correctly once a new project at an organization takes off? Some may say yes, but statistics state otherwise. “While 57% of projects fail due to lack of communication, resource allocation and management are seen...
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Ditch Excel & Start Using a Project Management Software

In its golden time, Excel has proven to be a real game changer. Most project managers made themselves comfortable in using spreadsheets to track project progress, activities and deadlines. However, with the rise of stiff competition and advances in technology, excel got left behind against the modern hi-tech project management solutions which are now commonly used...
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Five Ways To Handle Boastful Project Manager

“Hey! The previous two releases went fine only because of my coordination.” “Aren’t you aware I am the Subject matter expert in this area?” “My team is compliant every month because of the tough metrics I chart out.” Do all the above dialogues ring a bell? Everybody does boast once in a while but what...
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A Step By Step Guide To Project Planning

Defining, initiating, implementing, and managing a project successfully is highly dependant on project planning. From defining clear project goals and creating a plan to achieve them it the set deadline, planning a project properly is essential to ensure there are not any issues in project execution. Here’s an example that showcases how poor project planning...
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#1 Challenge Faced By The Project Managers & Its Resolution

Have you ever wondered why very few companies successfully complete their projects? Every 1 in 3 projects do not have a proper baseline. About 2/3rd business executives and IT experts believe that their projects will fail in first three months. 44% of the projects fail because they do not use any project management software. (Stats...
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Choose the Best Project Management Software For Creative Agency

Different agencies have different factors that they take into consideration that play a major role in project success or failure. When focusing on project execution in creative agencies, there is always a possibility of projects to get sidetracked as creative inputs can come anytime. Therefore, it becomes really difficult to meet deadlines as compared to...
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How Project Collaboration Software Minimize Problems in Creative Collaboration

Collaboration is a crucial pillar of success, regardless of the job type or industry sector. It would not be an exaggeration to claim that the outcome of every project is dependent on the level of collaboration taking place between different team members. In that sense, effective collaboration emerges as the backbone of success for every...
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5 Effective Strategies to Improve Team Collaboration

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve worked hard to land that big client that would change your agency’s fortunes. You’ve got an elaborate project plan, enthusiastic stakeholders, and tons of resources ready to go. You can’t wait to dip your hands into the project and deliver stellar results. But when it comes to your...
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10 Tips For Time Management to Enhance Team Productivity

Can you imagine all the things we can learn about ourselves if we were all honest with 100% of the time? We could make a number of positive changes if we just admitted to ourselves what we struggled with! We’d probably be surprised by how many of us share the same struggles. We may know...
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