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15 Best Productivity Tools for Marketers in 2021

Marketers today are facing incredible competition. In the field of digital marketing, the amount of developed content is mammoth. Without adopting some smart ways to make processes faster, it is very difficult to keep your productivity up.  A research conducted in 2015 has suggested that nearly 45 percent of the paid activities can be automated...
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Best Ice Breaker Games for Your Team Meetings

So you’re planning an important team meeting, and there’s a lot riding on this meeting. How do you ease everyone into the meeting, and pave the way for a productive discussion? In this blog post, we will share 13 great ice breaker games that you can use to loosen everyone up and start your meeting...
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Project Management Metrics Every Manager Needs to Track

The life of project managers has always been tough, and it gets irksome when they have a tight time window and budget.  ‘Do clients care about this?’ The answer is ‘Big NO’. Clients just want timely delivery of promised project deliverables, and this puts more pressure on project managers. Now, this fact begs the question:...
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The Ultimate Quick Guide To Building a Risk Management Plan

Life is full of surprises. Even if you meticulously account for every penny in your project, risks will present themselves, and you will feel like your project is having the rug pulled out from under it. Unfortunately, none of us have superpowers and we can’t predict the future. But with this guide to risk management,...
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How to Solve Project Management Problems in The Modern Workplace

Project management has always been tough because you encounter a throng of problems. The most cited reason for this is the hidden risks, which come out at different stages of the project to get it off the track. You can even say that they pose a great challenge to project managers during their work. It...
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Project Management Process & Phases

Project Management is the art of coordinating resources and directing working groups to execute components of work so that each group delivers components that can be tied together into a wholesome deliverable (contracted scope of work) within schedule and budget. — Project Management Institute In simple terms, the Project Management process is the art of...
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What is Project Life Cycle and What Are its Phases

What do you think of leadership and management?  As project managers and even as team members of a project, we all know that leadership and management is a field on its own, even referred to as a scientific field.  Now wouldn’t it be correct to say that every project manager and every member of a...
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Everything You Need to Know About Project Management Governance

What is pressurizing corporations worldwide? ‘Project failures’ that can ultimately ruin a business.  And why do projects fail? One of the major reasons is the lack of project management governance.  It is a fact that projects tend to be the reagent that triggers new income streams for a business, so they need to be executed...
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How Can Leaders Retain Key Talent Through Unexpected Change?

We’re only a little way into 2020, yet we’ve already rung in several changes — from the Australian bush fires to uncertainty in the Middle East, to shake-ups in the Royal Family. And in business, we find ourselves firmly in an era of transience, where it’s often said that change has become the ‘new normal’. Deloitte...
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What is Project Management Framework & How to Choose a Framework?

Of late, Project Management has gained increasing traction in the industry, and rightly so. Thanks to the Project Management Framework, Project Managers can plan projects systematically and strategically, meet deadlines, and most importantly, not just meet but exceed client expectations.  In simple words, a Project Management Framework refers to a set of methods, procedures, and...
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