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What Is Project Management Triangle and How to Manage It

A project comprises thousands of elements, which makes tasks related to management tough. It is one of those reasons why businesses invest a big chunk of money to get a diligent project manager and executives on board.   Out of thousands, there are 3 project elements that you must handle in the best possible manner: ‘Cost,’...
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What Is Decision Making in Project Management

We’ve all heard about the secret recipe for decision making in project management: Focusing on goals that should be achieved during and at the end of a project Making data-driven decisions based on the available information Keeping all organizational and resource crunch constraints into account when planning implementation Managing unforeseen risks and coming up with...
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Why Is Project Management Important and Its Advantages

Project management doesn’t seem important when you evaluate it on paper, but it has a directly proportional relationship with business growth.  It’s no brainer that when you manage in-house or clients’ projects appropriately, you enjoy amazing brand equity and economic benefits. That’s why MNCs strive to leave no loose ends while managing projects.  The most...
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Project Time Management: Process & Strategies to Improve Time Management

Project time management refers to skills, tools, and techniques, which businesses use to manage time while working on project activities. ‘Time’ and ‘Deliverables’ are the two major factors that you need to take care of during the project life cycle. It is so because clients evaluate success or failure by considering the timeframe in which...
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Project Integration Management 101: Ways to Project Success

Do you want to emerge triumphant in the business world? Of course you do!   Well, you would need to manage your projects in a manner that you delight your clients and build a strong image for your brand.  Explore this blog to know what’s project integration management and how it can revolutionize the way you...
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The Ultimate Guide to Creative Project Management

There are days when you are beaming with creativity. It feels as if there is an overflow of ideas, and you’d like to share or implement them all. What’s more, you don’t feel like stopping at all. But when it comes to putting all the loose ends together, realization strikes – you feel lost. This...
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10 Project Manager Roles And Responsibilities

    To keep your business competitive in the long run, you must be good at handling projects. It will not only improve your business’s stability but also uplift the odds of getting new projects, which points to a better growth rate. To handle projects appropriately, you must have sufficient experience under your belt. This...
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Marketing Project Management – A 101 for Managers

Absence of effective project management severely impairs Marketing from successfully launching quality products – Madeline A. Veltri. A Marketing Strategy is considered brilliant if it: Delivers speed to market Delivers quality products at a reasonable cost Achieves business targets and makes customers happy Therefore, a marketing manager needs to constantly adjust his approach for successful...
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Stay Productive With Foolproof Work From Home Tips

Employees have always been the lifeblood of businesses, as they unlock the door of success by combining their dedication with multitasking skills. This is the main reason why companies, especially global ones, strive to maintain healthy relationships with their top-performing employees. Can you guess the major factor that keeps employees connected with brands, besides a...
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Project Management KPIs to Track in 2021

  Every business owner has some desires, and the most common ones are: Improving sales growth exponentially  Staying two steps ahead of competitors  Joining Fortune 500 for global recognition  These desires are mere wishes if you don’t strive to fulfill them, right? So, keep your cards close and track what matters most, to emerge as...
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